Prenatal stimulation for the 2nd quarter

During the 2nd trimester, the baby floats peacefully, excited with noise or loud sounds or sudden, calms down when he listens to his mother talk quietly or listen to soothing music, move slowly your eyes even with the lids tightly closed.

Expert: Dafnis Zambrano, a specialist in prenatal stimulation

The 5° month to exercise their sense of touch and the movement, now move their arms and legs with force, your fingers are more adept, you can take the umbilical cord, your ability to perceive through the skin is augmented, develops coordination and strength.
At the 6th month already can hear, listen to the sounds that come both from the inside and outside of its mother, sucks his thumb, plays with the umbilical cord, caresses her body, her movements are more rapid, it gives you hiccups, it will feel as soft empujoncitos in the abdominal wall. Listens and learns, identifies stimuli and responds to them.
The stimuli will allow the baby to communicate with their parents through its movements, in addition you will learn how to relate the stimuli to their meaning, in other words, the process begins with the development of their future vocabulary.
Also recognize sounds and noises and learn to pay attention and develop your memory.


Now in the company of your partner choose the time and place appropriate for you to do these simple exercises:
  • performed visualization exercises, remember that the sharing of hormones your baby will benefit from the relaxation. Once you have finished this activity you can start the exercises of prenatal stimulation.
  • Sing a lullaby or choose one of your preference and cantasela all day at the same time. If it is just in time to go to bed much better to identify that there is a place for sleep and rest.
  • Nárrale stories, making inflections with the voice.
  • Recítale poems.
  • He converses with him. If you're angry, you should explain the reason for your anger and manifiéstale how happy you are for his coming.

Stimulation of touch

Each time you feel a kick or that pushes the abdominal wall caresses that point and talk to him, send positive messages of love.
With the light natural or artificial stimulates the retina of the eye your baby, move it up and down and from left to right, the light coming through the abdominal wall, this allows a better visual discrimination, better guidance and direction in the early years of the baby.

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