Sleep and Pregnancy

Women when they are pregnant, have hormonal changes that affect your sleep cycle. Babies and Parents investigated about this, and I then notes what are.

A pregnant woman has lot of hormonal changes during the whole process, but in general, there are three important moments in the lives of the women that change the expression of the dream. First is the onset of menstruation, called menarche which each month produces these hormonal changes causing any difficulty in sleeping that is not necessarily insomnia, but sleep different. Then it is the pregnancy and the last one is the menopause.

“Not all women in menopause are sleepless, and not all require treatment changes the expression of his dream by hormonal changes. This also happens in the pregnancy where there is not only hormonal changes internal, but is growing a new being in the womb of the woman and the more you go growing, has its own development, its movements, its expression, its own cycle of activity and rest. All this means that the dream of change” points to the sleep specialist, Dr. Reyes Haro.
The posture is a cause of poor sleep, because the future mom can't rest in the same position as before, or the most likes, so you must find one that most suits them until the pregnancy comes to term.
In these cases you can not use any sleep-inducing, but the measures of sleep hygiene are essential for the future mother to sleep in a better way. These are the causes that might modify the expression of the dream, without that necessarily representing a disorder. “These continuing disruptions in the continuity of the dream motivate that the next day, when before they would not be napping now since there is the need for them. The nap is practically essential ,because it has been modified the expression of the dream night, but there will be a need to sleep a little during the day,” finishes the doctor.

What does the fact that pregnant women don't sleep well it affects the baby?

Normally there are awakenings continuous, but does not affect the development of the baby unless there is a situation that puts the mother very tense, irritable, or who has ever lived-a fact strong beyond the hygiene of sleep. Therefore, the awake might alter the rhythms, activity and rest to the baby, but in this case it affects more the dream of the mom of the baby. Only in extreme cases could this irritability seriously affect the baby's development.

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