Sleep disorders in the adult

Although many times do not give importance, the dream is essential for you to develop your activities.

Many times we take for granted that sleep is essential and that is to lose time. This is a mistake because sleep is vital to having a good quality of life, maintain a sleep hygiene is essential to be able to properly develop each of the activities. In the adult the disorders that most give is the insomnia and snoring.


This can develop for different reasons, mainly by the so-called primary insomnia, directly related to the bad habits prior to sleep. Neurophysiologist, Dr. Reyes Haro Valencia points out that “an adult insomniac is one who becomes dependent on the clock, and each night we woke up several but we don't realize it and we go back to sleep without problem. A person with insomnia sees the clock every time you wake up and it gives you the feeling that you have not slept, or what's left of the night no longer sleep, therefore, sleep hygiene is critical to sleep better.”
Insomnia in adults is a treatment very similar to what is done with the children. In the first place is identified that is causing the difficulty to sleep and set a sleep hygiene that must be followed strictly for better sleep, this includes:
  • Exercise during the day, because after physical activity the body breathes slowly, leisurely.
  • Restrict your consumption of stimulants, and particularly the hours prior to sleep
  • Identify the position, because insomniac always turns desperately to all sides, and always ends the same way. Therefore he is taught to avoid these movements to keep you in the same position.
  • Should remove the clock from your view, are taught to use the alarm clock and put it under the pillow in such a way that to hear it but never see it. “The entire insomniac adult tells us that as relojito wakes up every day at the same time, all woke up at the same time several times but they are very aware of the clock,” adds the doctor.
  • Decrease your fluid intake three hours before bedtime and eat lightly, avoiding fats and irritants. Because if they eat in abundance and drink or liquid, to rise to the bathroom at least once and this interrupts the continuity of the dream.
Therefore, all these measures of sleep hygiene help for the adult to sleep much better. The doctor usually prescribes an inducer of sleep for up to two months, but it is essential to control them.
There are cases in which people have insomnia due to a sleep medication, because most of the used affect the proper expression of the dream without the person to realize or the doctor who prescribed the drug.
“If someone takes a medication and is not sleeping well means that is not the one required, and what we do is retirárselos in gradually and replace it with a real sleep-inducing, and always supported in these measures of sleep mentioned” explains sleep specialist, Dr. Reyes Haro.
There is insomnia due to improper timings, by frequent changes in work schedules, there are two physical causes that cause insomnia and one of them is the second condition that most attends that is snoring.


This disorder is more common in the adult than in children due to overweight, which causes more snoring and breathing pauses. The snorer wakes up with his own snoring and do not realize or wake up because he has stopped breathing and you don't know that you woke up. In this case, the snoring and apnea are the cause of the insomnia and for this there is no medications.
If a snorer takes medication to sleep is by relaxing more the air and roncará more intensely and worsen the problem of insomnia. Therefore, to locate with precision the cause of the insomnia because the treatment is very different depending on what is occurring.
“In the case of snoring, the stop breathing makes them move constantly to breathe again and then, does not adequately express the stages of deep sleep and a snoring adult with sleep apnea snore loudly, have silences between groups of snoring, and as it moves constantly and does not have the depth required for the correct expression of his sleep, and the next day they have a lot of sleep, to fall asleep with ease, seem to become demotivated, confused and disoriented, seem to loose, they begin to have memory problems, of performance in all their activities, including sexual activity” adds the Dr. Reyes Haro.
Snoring is a very common cause of traffic accidents and labour around the world. Therefore the treatment is completely different depending on the severity of snoring.
“All persons that perform treatment completely change your lifestyle for good, not externalize that are reborn because we give them energy, motivation, health, and many want to do their things, especially, are we out of the woods that can give you a heart attack or a brain vascular as the type of strokes that are long-term consequences of the problem of snoring and sleep apnoea in the adult,” concludes the neurophysiologist.

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