Sleep routine in the baby

Many times we do not know what is the best way for your child to sleep well. And how do we know that is a concern for you as a mom, we will explain to you the routine of sleep in the baby.

There are several measures of sleep hygiene. A routine prior to sleep have the intention that the baby identify that, just as there is a time to express our affection, to live together, tidy up, feed the child, there is also a time for sleep.

This practice is to decorate the site where the baby is going to sleep, have a comfortable place, talk soft, bathing the most number of times during the week, if it is daily best. However, if you do not bathe daily, it can provide you with a massage that is of great help.
After the bath, comes the massage, it helps to relax and to keep him quiet and calm, this way you will sleep much better. It is recommended that in low-light (hopefully nothing), little noise and to have, which is preferably ambient music, classical or the singing of the dad or the mom with a voice suavecita.

Dr. Reyes Haro, president of the Mexican Society for Sleep Disorders, recommends that the time to sleep the baby, use appropriate clothing, do not sleep very clothed, so as not to restrict the movement with excess bedding, because let us remember that children grow while they are asleep and require free movement.

In addition, the specialist, stresses the importance of watching their diet, try not to ingest stimulants during the day and, particularly, in the hours before sleep. “Cola drinks, caffeine, coffee, chocolate, and most of the tea are stimulants. Then, if you consume too much of these substances throughout the day, and do so in the hours before sleep, will have more difficulty to do so,” explains the doctor.
It is important to not deprive babies of sleep, not to unlock, sleep the hours that are appropriate depending on your age as well as the enough time. You should avoid exposing them to information of violent content, whether news, horror movies, etc., The difficulties or problems in the family or of the couple must be arranged when they are not present.

If we manage to do all this, definitely will make your baby sleep much better.

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