What is the prenatal stimulation?

For children with a better mental development, it is recommended that they stimulate from the pregnancy, since in this stage are able to perceive music and certain sounds.

Expert: Alexandra Arjona, a psychologist and child of the Catholic University of Chile
According to psychologist child of the Catholic University of Chile, Alejandra Arjona, stimulate the baby during the pregnancy is very good. This can be done through music and speech, encouraging child creativity. “The child discriminate sounds and levels of noise. But it does not identify a special type of voice and a music in particular.”
In the same way, the specialist explained that putting classical music to the baby while in the womb, it is good because the mother is relaxed and, therefore, the bus does as well, because the belly is not taut.
Alexandra Arjona, pointed out that there are studies that show that the auditory stimulation during pregnancy improves some aspects in the baby, such as:
  • Are born more relaxed
  • Cry less
  • Eat better
  • Can longer maintain the concentration in any activity
  • Learn more fast
  • Are children more curious
  • They have better skills for the language and the music
  • In general, having more connections of neurons with the proper stimulation, mental development and sensory is best.

Stimulation of the senses

Psychologist child, Alexandra Arjona, explained that the view can be stimulating, exposing the baby, not excessively, to colored objects that are moving, emitting noise and that can be touched.
In general, the stimulation is not done separately, that is to say, it should stimulate all the senses simultaneously, in order that the child attain a better mental development.
The specialist stresses that when the child is bigger, the stimulation should be accompanied by motivation, that is to say, that small feel happy with what they are doing. For example, you can't force the child to do sport or read a book, because it is likely that at some point you reveal and stop the activity side.
It is essential to be constant with stimulation, so that the child recognizes what's being done. Otherwise, the specialist explained that the child will forget. That is to say, if the mother puts classical music or speech, only some of the time, the more likely it is that the baby doesn't remember, whereas if the mom is the constant the child will immediately recognize the music.
The feelings of the mother, whether pain or joy, are perceived by the infant when in the womb. “The mother is connected physically and emotionally with the bus. And that is that they both share the endorphins, a substance that produces the feeling of well-being. Therefore, it is very important to be happy, peaceful and enjoyable activities, as this is how the bus will be equally happy,” said the psychologist for child.

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