Complementary medicine

Thanks to other treatments that act in conjunction with traditional medicine, we can improve our mind and body.

It is important that you know various methods that can help us to maintain good health. One of them is the complementary medicine, also called integrative, since it is used along with the traditional. Are other ways to implement treatments that serve as input to the commonly used.
Not to be confused with alternative medicine, which is not recognized nor approved by many doctors and used by replacing the traditional procedures.
This practice is concerned of healing to the soul, in addition to the body. This is what they did in the oriental medicine, hindu and shamanic. Later, these customs were lost in the west.
The Ministry of Health, defines this mode as “a set of theories and practices that are different to the official medicine, transplanted and inserted in a society that traditionally has not practiced this medicine”.
Among the disciplines that are practiced in our country, are: Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Chiropractic, Sinterg├ętica, Therapies, Floral, Apitherapy, among others.
These therapies help to decrease some of the symptoms of diseases. For example, ease the discomforts of cancer related to chemotherapy. Within these practices, which include massage, relaxation, among others.

Complementary medicine is divided into:

  • Sensory: therapies that relate to the senses. For example, aromatherapy, music therapy, massage.
  • Cognitive: uses the positive energy of thought. Includes hypnotherapy, prayer, meditation, and relaxation.
  • Expressive: it is given to know the thoughts. In this way, reduces anxiety. Within this variant are, art therapy (drawing, painting) and also the technique of writing a journal to let flow the feelings privately.
  • Physical: thanks to the exercises, the person will be able to maintain good health, in addition to improving your mood and release tensions. Among the therapies that are practiced include: Yoga, T'ai Chi, Qi gong.
  • Medical or healing: are the different types of complementary medicine, including; naturopathy, herbalism, western and chinese medicine, anthroposophy.
Before you perform any of these practices, it is necessary to consult with a doctor, because it may avoid any risk or complication. It is important that in case of taking drugs, these do not stop eating without the permission of a health professional.
It must be remembered that this type of medicine, it is applied together with the traditional and means a contribution and help to this and to the welfare of the people.

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