Massage pre and post natal

Soothe back pains, reduce fluid retention and to retrieve the figure after childbirth, are just some of the benefits that can be obtained with these treatments. Massage pre and post natal

Expert: Mauricio Rodriguez, kinesiologo
Pregnancy produces physical and emotional changes in women, for this reason, the aesthetic treatments are of great help to decrease the discomfort typical of this stage and, at the same time, serve to give us an injection of energy to the moms-to-be.


Mauricio Rodriguez, kinesiologo in charge of the massage at Beauty Secret Spa, explains that the goal of treatment of labor is that pregnant women do not shoot them the cellulite, it does not accumulate toxins, don't retain fluids, soothe back aches, relax, and find the perfect balance between body and spirit.
The specialist adds that it is important to start with this procedure after the first three months of pregnancy to prevent any risk and, then, it makes an assessment of the pregnant woman to determine if you are overweight, fluid retention, sagging, etc
“These treatments are prescribed by the doctor to relieve pregnant women and improve circulation. In addition, it is enriching for the development of the baby because the mother is so relaxed and feeling so much pleasure, that it conveys to the child that is forming in the womb,” added Mauricio.
Pregnant women come to the treatment prepartum until approximately 8 months and, more ask, is the application of products that maintain the elasticity of the skin on the legs, abdomen and buttocks. For this reason, in Beauty Secret Spa suggest you a good product and we will apply a lymphatic drainage manual without touching the belly and give them massages on the back, arms, and feet.
The manual massage is supported with oils and creams on the basis of collagen and elastin, avoiding that the tissue will tear and appear stretch marks. It helps to improve the circulation in the legs and is of vital importance because, according to Mauricio Rodriguez, “the pregnancy occurs a hormonal disorder important that causes the increase of fatty tissues and this massage makes the extra kilos are not left there, at the same time helps moms to recover faster after childbirth”.

Benefits of the treatment labor:

  • It reduce the pain
  • Eliminates the hassle
  • Moms transmit feelings of pleasure to the baby in the womb
  • Helps to maintain a good pregnancy


The treatment of postpartum help to shape the body, improve the elasticity of the skin and tone the abdominal muscle. Unlike prepartum, here there is more freedom to use the machines in the area of the abdomen. If you had a normal delivery you can start the first month after the birth, and if it was c-section is necessary to do so after the two months prior to discharge from the hospital.
First, an assessment is made to determine what treatment will be applied depending on the age of the woman, how many kilos you gained during pregnancy, the quality of your skin, if you had cesarean section or normal delivery, etc in order To have best results, in Beauty Secret Spa recommend a diet and exercises for the application of the treatment.
“The limits have not been one can choose according to diagnosis which is most appropriate for the patient and will be monitoring and guiding during the whole process,” adds Mauricio Rodriguez.
In addition to massage, at this stage you can also apply:
Heat therapy: stimulate circulation, increase the stimulation of cardiac and respiratory activity.
Treatments reductive located: reaffirm the skin and reduce centimetres. You can also choose between a Plaster Therapy or Mud Therapy.

Benefits of treating postpartum:

  • To retrieve the figure
  • Improve the elasticity of the skin
  • Tone the muscles
  • Improving the self-esteem and, thus, prevents postpartum depression

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