Pilates during pregnancy: a mom relaxed and healthy

Exercise is important for health, even more so if you are pregnant. For this, it is advisable to this kind of gymnastics, as a way to make smooth movements and adequate to this stage.

Perhaps you have heard about the technique of Pilates as a form of exercise that helps you to be and look healthy. But it also helps pregnant women reduce their discomfort and have a better posture, among other benefits.
As it is a physical practice, you must be recommended by the gynaecologist, so as to avoid any complication. In addition, the Pilates instructor, you must know that the woman is pregnant, so that in this way, adjust the routine to this state.

What is Pilates?

Are exercises zero impact, therefore, ideal and safe for pregnancy. The mom will be more quiet, because when you learn to know your body, you may decrease the anxiety. Also, favourably influence the delivery and in the postpartum period.
“It strengthens the abdominal muscles, which supports the column, very important, especially in this stage in which the center of gravity of the body changes. It strengthens the musculature of the pelvic floor which helps in the labor,” says Patricia Falcon, instructor of Stott Pilates centre EIS Pilates and a Medical Technologist from the University of Chile.
In this practice bind strength, flexibility, breathing and relaxation. Thanks to these elements, it will significantly improve some of the shortcomings of the body.
The exercises are performed on the floor or in machines, giving greater emphasis to the abdominal part, which helps pregnant women strengthen. In addition, the routine will not harm the baby, since the movements are smooth and especially conditioned for the pregnancy. Is more, allows you to have a greater oxygenation.
The postures that are done lying down or on hands and legs, they favor to reduce those annoying back pains while in the legs increases circulation.
According to instructor Patricia Gavilán, the practice of Pilates can be performed from the second trimester of pregnancy and with a doctor's permission. In addition, if this exercise is done before pregnancy, you can follow without any difficulty, provided that the pregnancy does not present a problem.

The benefits it brings are great:

Beneficios de hacer PilatesIt strengthens the muscles through gentle stretches.
Beneficios de hacer PilatesGreater flexibility.
Beneficios de hacer PilatesStrengthens the abdominal wall, which helps you get rid of good way to the baby in childbirth.
Beneficios de hacer PilatesImproves breathing, because to do so diaphragmatic, the chest is opened laterally. This relaxes the mother.
Beneficios de hacer PilatesAllows for cardio conditioning.
Beneficios de hacer PilatesFavors the posture, easing the pain caused by the lumbar curve that is produced by the increase of the abdomen.
Beneficios de hacer PilatesIt increases the concentration.
Beneficios de hacer PilatesHelps to have a good night's sleep.
Beneficios de hacer PilatesReduces swelling from fluid retention.
Beneficios de hacer PilatesReduces fatigue, since the exercises can increase mood and energy.

Differences with the yoga

Although the Yoga is also recommended during pregnancy, it is necessary to differentiate it from Pilates. While both focus on the importance of the breathing exercises are something different.
In Yoga, the movements are given from one static position to another, without repetition. In Pilates, the exercises are repeated in order to achieve a better physical condition and stability of the agency.

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