Special care for pets during the holidays

If you are going to the beach with your dog should wear sunscreen, for him, life jackets and also some protection for the feet, such as gloves and avoid suffering.

Pets are a very important supplement in the growth of the children, between the two creates a bond of responsibility and, above all, of affection. Therefore, when you go on vacation, the children are reluctant to leave their pets in the care of other people.

But to take your pet to rest together with the family also implies a series of special care, which should take into account to protect it. As explained to El Mercurio newspaper the veterinary Daniela Navarrete Talloni, if you are going to the beach the first thing is to bring a dish with fresh water, an umbrella and a sunscreen with an spf higher than 30, in case your dog has very short hair or white.
The protective cream should be applied on the nose, that is to say, on the muzzle and on the nose; then it continues with the ears and the back. It is important to repeat the application every hour or every time your pet get out of the water. In addition, you should avoid exposure to the sun between 11 and 16 hours.

If you are going to a lake or a beach where children will take your dog swimming or boating, don't forget a life vest for him also. Although animals usually do not have problems to swim, it may happen that you become tired or frightened by the currents, so there is that to take some precautions. To do this sell some life jackets for dogs, however they also serve the children, explained the expert to this publication.

On the other hand, do not forget to carry something that will protect the feet of your pet, such as gloves, because when you leave to walk to the beach can burn the pads and can cause a serious injury by the heat of the sand.

Before leaving on vacation, you should remember to put a medal to your pet, stating the name and some contact information, such as a phone number; also, remember to bring a rope for when you are out for a walk. Your children can help you with these simple tips to protect this part so special to your family.

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