Yoga in pregnancy what are the benefits

Yoga is a discipline that brings diverse benefits for future moms, because not only keeps you in shape during the gestation period, it helps you to be better prepared, physically and emotionally, for the birth.

There are various types of yoga, but there is one that is especially helpful to pregnant women: the Iyengar. Through movements that are more gentle than those made traditionally by this therapy, this type of yoga it manages to connect to the mother and the baby through a link different. In addition, maintains the physical condition during pregnancy and prepares it in a best way for delivery.
According to yoga teachers, you can begin to practice this exercise from the first quarter. If you're not yet pregnant, but what you're planning, it is also a good time to start to practice it.
What you do need to keep in mind is that before you begin to practice yoga, if you're already expecting your baby, you should consult with your doctor and if you have problems, such as high blood pressure, you must notify the professor to make appropriate exercise for you.
There are some yoga postures that are specially designed to avoid discomfort common pregnancy, like nausea, the swelling and the headache. These exercises manage to help the baby get into position for the delivery, in the case that it is costing more than the account.
This type of exercise is fundamentally based on two elements: Asanas that correspond to the yogic postures and Pranayama, which are breathing exercises that are performed in yoga.
The asanas serve to regulate digestion and circulation, and improve breathing. Some of these positions allow the baby to have maximum space available, so you can move, grow and develop in the best way possible. But also, there are some postures that improve the elongation and prevent muscle aches, also reducing the pains of childbirth.
The breathing exercises, pranayama, help to avoid nervous tension, fatigue, and some toxins that, according to specialists, maintain the physical and mental state.
Some of the benefits that the practice of yoga you can submit are:
  • Helps the stretching of the skin and prevents the tension of the abdominal wall because of the increased size of the uterus.
  • Some yoga poses to avoid back pain due to the increase of weight during the pregnancy.
  • Some asanas and pranayamas help to the circulation and oxygenation of the blood that reaches the baby.
  • Some of the problems of lack of energy is due to the fact that the lungs and the diaphragm are pressed, that's why the exercises for the circulation and breathing are very important to increase the energy of the mother.
  • Practice some yoga asanas before and after eating benefits digestion and the proper functioning of this system.
  • Pregnancy involves major changes in the women, some of these emotional. Therefore, with the practice of some of the exercises that stabilize the mind and calm some fears that have pregnant women.
  • The yoga poses that the breath is a way to control the senses and the mind.


  • To begin to practice yoga during pregnancy, it is not necessary that you have exercised previously.
  • Before the yoga class, don't eat for at least two hours before.
  • In order to exercise yoga, you should just go with comfortable clothes.
  • If you want to achieve a better concentration, do the exercises in silence.

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