bebé de 1 mes y 1 semana

The passing of the days of this first month, so you'll see how your baby is going to reach a progressive development in several areas.

But still their answers are limited to reflexes, the intellectual development begins to develop from those simple behaviors, such as looking at objects in front of him and touching them.

Remember that he is only a baby of 1 month and 1 week, their state of alert has a duration of 1 hour and a half each day, while his immediate memory reaches about 2 and a half seconds.

Language development

For the moment, the medium of expression of the small is her crying. Also communicates through sounds simple, shouting and babbling. Emits sounds when he sucks his finger and feeds.

It is important that you speak to, even though I can't understand what you say even. As you listen to sounds and voices, be able to identify them and become familiar with the language; this will enable you to begin to imitate those sounds and expand their vocabulary.

Visual development

Your little one will be able to set the view in the things that are 20 inches and follow them with their eyes. You can also see the moving lights, because that coordinates your eyes. What attracts him the most are the outlines of the objects. Also, you'll notice how your gaze fixed on your face if you smile or you're at his side. You feel happy when you engage in visual contact with their loved ones.

As you go through the first month, you will be able to follow the objects with the head, from the center to the side. Gradually, you can do it from one side to another when the object moves slowly. Is able to perceive the 3 dimensions and the depth of the objects, seeing better in dim light.

Development of olfactory

It is very sensitive to smells nice to him, as the breast milk or the scent of their parents, but also feels very strongly unpleasant odors, such as cigarette. You should bathe you in sweet smells that will evoke experiences deleitables.

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Auditory development

The baby can distinguish frequencies, tones and rhythms, but without knowing where it comes from. Responds to the human voice, especially to those of their parents. In response, pays attention to their faces.

Development touch

Senses the difference between temperatures and textures: heat and cold; soft and hard; smooth and wrinkled; rough and smooth. Their thermal sensitivity allows you to notice changes of temperature between 5 and 6 degrees and, in the same way, is sensitive to wind and pressure changes.

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