Yoga in pregnancy what are the benefits

This complementary treatment helps to relieve discomfort that occur with some diseases. It is also good for pregnant women, children, and babies.

The Bach flower therapy is based on the studies done by dr. Edward Bach, between the years 1926 and 1934, and is used as a supplement to heal problems or diseases. There are 38 flowers that influence according to the emotions of the people and cater for their different ailments.
From a cancer that was diagnosed, Bach began to do research, where he discovered that the flowers had better properties than the plant itself, in addition to realize that each flower had a personality, like people.
Thus, for each patient there is a flower other than for treatment, according to the discomfort that you have. When there is a disease, there is a desarmonización on the mental plane and emotional. All the ailments of the physical body because the mind and the emotion are sick. The flower of Bach harmonizes and pulls out what does not serve.
“The doctors have now realized that the DNA of the flowers and of the human being are practically the same. In terms of flora, the flower is the most developed, as in the fauna is to be human, that's why they complement each other and help”, says Maria del Pilar Dois, a therapist in flowers of Bach, titled in Chile and in the Bach Center in England.

How are you preparing?

Cut the flower and put it in pots of glass with water. Leave it in the sun for a number of days, in the evenings, are saved, and in the day again are taken. This procedure is performed until the flower releases its essence, which is mixed with a brandy special, which is made to stabilize the flower, preventing it to rot. The result of all this, it is the mother tincture.
Bach flower remedies for pregnant women, infants, and children

The specialist recommends this treatment especially for pregnant women. For example, a mom-to-be have swollen legs, if given a diuretic, will probably relieve the ailment, but it is not going to know why you are retaining fluid. If it is measured under the diagnosis of Reiki, the woman is really scared to be pregnant. This scare is handled by the kidney, which is the organ that releases the fear, in addition to the urine. In this way, using a flower of Bach in order to stop those fears.
Can also help babies achieve sleep and for the treatment of children with hyperactivity or attention deficit disorder. María del Pilar Dois, recommends that in the case of the sessions for the children, the interview you will perform first the minor, then the mother, since it is the child that will set the tone about what type of flower to use.
“In all that is a complementary medicine it is essential that the person wants to improve. The flower harmonizes in a soft manner, it will level out,” says the therapist.

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