Primer mes del bebé

Amazing! The first month the baby has arrived. From now on you will notice that your child begins to develop some skills and is able to do more things, such as to distinguish voices and smile.

The development of each baby is different, and the same thing happens with the speed of it. Therefore, if your child take a bit longer to learn certain things or not move as much as others, you should not be panicking.

Remember that in Facemamá we're with you, that's why we advise you to always stimulate your little one to develop their skills.

The first month of the baby: What can you do?

The majority of the responses of the small movements are reflexes to environmental stimuli. These reflexes give way to more complex answers to spend the first months of life, a time that the central nervous system matures.

At this stage, your toddler can:

  • Immediately recognize the voice of their parents, by that you must converse with him in an exaggerated way to react to your words.
  • To recognize the scent of the skin of the mom or dad next to him.
  • Move your mouth, especially in response to the presence of mom and dad.
  • Lift the head slightly, lying face down.
  • To visualize something in front of him and smile. The baby is born with the vision fixed on a focal distance of 20 to 25 centimeters. You can encourage him by using mobiles that hang in front of him.
  • Cry, startle or calm down when you feel a noise.
  • Lift head about 45 degrees if lying down. You can encourage him by placing an object near his head to get his attention.
  • Vocalize in different ways to the cry, as the coo.
  • Keep the head steady if it is in a vertical position. To stimulate your balance you can hold on your knee, so that your legs can support the weight of your body for a moment.
  • Put their little hands. Progressively become aware of your fingers, so that it is good that you help the movement of his hands, tocándoselas and masajeándolas. They are very useful toys that can be manipulated.
  • To smile spontaneously.

The motor development of the first month of the baby

With respect to their arms, keeps them bent, with hands clasped or open.

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For now you do not have enough muscle tone, so it is not able to control the movements of your head. What you can do is become if you touch the cheek and hold her for a short space of time, in line with the back, if you are in the sitting position.

Is able to adjust its posture to the person that takes him in her arms or puts you to sleep.

Often displayed gestures are involuntary and it is very sensitive to the changes of position of the body.

It is also sensitive to bright lights, so you'll see how they close their eyes if they are exposed to a light in front of him.


At this age the Babinski reflex is common, which you'll notice when you stretch the fingers and arms out to the sides and collect in the direction of your chest.

Another reflex is the pressure, which you can observe if you put a finger between your hand; the first thing he will do is put pressure on him.

On the other hand, you can check the sucking reflex by putting your index finger in your mouth and see how you chupetea.

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