2 meses bebé

!Great! Your child continues to grow and it is more likely that in this second month of the baby, you feel so much better prepared to care for them and meet their needs. You know him much better, and you adapted your routine to the activities of your little one. But, I still have not seen everything!

At age 2 months the baby may develop some behaviors; however since Facemamá we remind you that you should not compare them with others, especially if it is premature, because each baby is different and some take longer than others to develop.

In the second month of the baby, you need to:

  • Smile in response to yours.
  • Respond in some way to a ring: crying, startle, or attention in silence.
  • Vocalize in other ways besides crying, as coo.
  • Observe their hands. You can encourage them to look at their fingers and hold a rattle.

You can probably:

  • Raise the head 45 degrees if lying down. To encourage this skill, place an object near your head for the lift by looking at it.
  • Support the head if you sit or get up for a short time.
  • To be face down, lift your chest supported by arms.
  • Roll from the belly to the back and vice versa
  • Grab an object if you put it on the tip of your fingers.
  • Look at any object the size of a grape.
  • Try to take an object.
  • Say “goo” or other similar sound to the vowels a-u, and consonants. You must converse with him, by imitating these sounds.
  • To smile spontaneously, because at this stage is not a mere reflection.
  • Join both hands. You can help develop the sense of touch, by wiping it with soft objects and with different textures.
  • Raise head 90 degrees if you are lying on your stomach.
  • Laugh.
  • Scream of happiness.
  • To follow an object placed 15 centimeters above your head from one side to the other.
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