Bebé 3 meses

Begins the third month of the baby, and not able to be more happy to see how the development of your little one given to leaps and bounds.

At this stage, your child is more active, and adapts best to the rhythm of your mom. At the same time, you'll see how to develop your personality, sorprendiéndote increasingly.

You'll notice a special attention for everything that is new to him, whether they be people, toys, or different situations. Yes, you may feel baffled if you do not know how to handle something new.

In Facemamá you say that at this time it is essential that you stimulate them correctly in different areas, according to your progress. Bath time is an excellent opportunity to do so.

A baby of 3 months can be able to:

  • Raise the head 45 degrees, laying face down.
  • Laugh out loud.
  • Squeal of happiness.
  • Join both hands.
  • To smile spontaneously.
  • To follow an object placed 15 centimeters above your head from one side to the other.
  • Keep right and head straight.
  • Lift your chest, leaning in the arms, to be face down.
  • Roll from one side to the other.
  • Grab an object that is close to the eyes or reaching for something that is in your view.
  • To sustain some weight on the legs when it is right.
  • Keep your head in line with your body if you take of the arms to sit him up.
  • Turning in the direction of a voice, especially mom.
  • Say “goo” or other “word-like”, with vowels and consonants.
  • Make sounds with the mouth.

Motor development

At this stage the baby moves its upper and lower extremities with a lot of energy. Perhaps I do it at the same time with the arms or the legs, or the leg and the arm on the same side.

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There will be a tendency to extend the legs if there is pressure on the soles of their feet. As it has been developing more strength in their extremities, will be able to support its own weight when you hold in a vertical position, with the feet flat on the floor or on a flat surface.

To the 3 and a half months you'll notice a new position of the hands: at the height of the body with the fingers interlaced. Probably take that stance when you show him a new object and small and put it at your fingertips.

You will notice that her body is much stronger. For example, another common position is to stay on your stomach with the legs flexed, holding on to your elbows. If you are lying face down, you will have the ability to straighten your back and head for 10 seconds. In addition, you will be able to sit with some support. To straighten him baby hold the head. While, if you are lying down, you can rotate it from one side to another from any position.

Discovering the world through their hands

Your baby will attempt to take all the objects you have close to with their small fingers. You will learn that, by opening and closing their hands, it is possible to take or move things around. Will separate and join hands, and wave their arms when you see something that interests you because of its color or figure. If you put it face-up, you'll see it move its legs in the form of pedaling. The movement of your feet grab your attention. So, you will start to notice the extension of his body and to differentiate a little in the world that surrounds him.

At the beginning of the third month, the movements are still reflections, but some have almost vanished, such as, for example, the moro reflex and the pressure.

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Finally, it is able to direct his arms in a specific direction to take and explore their toys. If any one calls attention to, it will shake vigorously.

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