Tips for baby to sleep well

How to make a sleeping baby? In what position should lie? Should I worry if it turns while you tuto? These are some of the questions that we answer in this article.
It is common for you to worry about the sleep of your baby, especially if it is not sleeping through the night or if you wake up too early, for this, here are some tips to help you change these habits.

Still not sleeping through the night

It is normal for babies, like adults, wake up several times in the night. The problem begins if you are accustomed to falling asleep with the breast or with a song. To change this habit, it is necessary to learn to fall asleep by yourself, obviously you feel your presence at his side, otherwise, it will cost you to stay asleep. Here are some tips:
  • You should never let them cry: If the baby wakes up, you should go to see him right away, it is never good to let them cry, because if you wake up and you find your hand is desesperar√° and shall faint. The ideal is to go as soon as possible, the need of your arms and of your presence, the more he depends on you, and you are his heroine.
  • Gradual retirement: We recommend going to bed when he is awake, you can stay by the side of him, sing a lullaby, kiss him lightly and pet him. The ideal is that at the end of the song be silent so that the little I managed to get to sleep. If she starts to cry, load in arms for a few minutes until he calms down, and returns to lay the baby on the bed.

The child early bird

Although there are many children that wake up in the night, so sleep until late in the morning. There are also some that wake up very early. To change this habit, you can do the following:
  • Not let in the light of the day.
  • Isolate it from traffic, if there is a lot of noise. Tightly closes the window.
  • Be awake to the child until later.
  • To have him awake longer during the day.
  • See right away if you feel it crying, he needs your protection.
  • A lot of toys in the crib: if it does not serve your piece is dark, put toys with which to entertain.
  • Postpone the breakfast: if you wake up every day at 5:30 in the morning to take breakfast, you should give him the bottle later.

The baby turns during the night

If you sleep your baby face up, but night turns to sleep on the belly, don't worry about sudden death. First, because of the risk period has already passed, and because if you know turn, is in a position to protect themselves.

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