Prenatal stimulation during the early weeks of pregnancy is carried out mainly through the sense of well-being of the woman and the hormones that it shares with the embryo.

Expert: Dafnis Zambrano, a specialist in prenatal stimulation

The prenatal stimulation during the 1st trimester, and throughout pregnancy is a wonderful experience, that by performing various activities, along with the implementation of specific techniques in auditory, visual, motor, and tactile favorecerás communication, learning, development, physical, mental, and sensory of the baby. During the 1st quarter the nervous system of the embryo is forming, so you can't even begin to stimulate their senses. At this stage, it's best to benefit you is the feeling of well-being of the mother, because the transmitted to the embryo through the hormones.

During the different stages of pregnancy, babies develop sensory abilities and motor, for that introduce the stimuli when it has developed the sense and is able to respond to him is of vital importance.

Understand that prenatal stimulation is a process of two-way communication is important since the stimuli and responses are from the parents to the child and of the child to the parents, because the baby also dictates their patterns to the set responses to stimuli, or to initiate him to the activity.

The participation of the father figure is crucial, because it allows you to strengthen the ties of affection between mom, dad and baby.

Benefits of prenatal stimulation

  • At birth, the infant shows greater development in the visual area, hearing, language and motor.
  • Sleep better
  • Is more alert, confident and friendly
  • Calms down easily when you hear the voice of his mother, the music or the story to read while I was in the womb
  • Shows the ties of love more intense and greater family cohesion.
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Once you get to know the advantages for the baby of the prenatal stimulation, it is essential that from the time father and mother give the little a warm, nurturing, but above all full of love, peace and stimuli, he needs to learn and grow.

Exercise for 1st trimester

If you're in the 1st trimester of your pregnancy you can begin to benefit your child with this exercise, because there is a close connection between the emotional well-being of the mother and the child, because they share hormones.

This activity of relaxation and visualization you can make it for about 20 minutes. The time and the right place to carry it out is the one where the 2, mom and dad, can be quiet, either in the morning, at noon or before sleep. Here are step-by-step how to do it.

  • Wear comfortable clothing, not too tight, warm and allows for freedom of movement.
  • Choose a room with a comfortable temperature, dim light and a bed or comfortable chair. You can also use a mat placed on the floor.
  • Put on some relaxing music and soft at a moderate volume. The best tunes to perform these exercises are Mozart, Vivaldi, Bach, Haydn, and other topics of classical music.
  • Sit in a comfortable position in the chair, bed or on the mat you chose. If you do it with your dad you should sit back on his chest so that it can hold you back.
  • Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths, his lips are partially open, as well as a sigh. Continue breathing deeply and evenly, focus on the rhythm of your breathing, your bodily sensations, your feelings, or in a picture that has to do with yourself, don't stay asleep, concentrate the attention fully and actively in the music. Then exhale slow and you keep breathing deep.
  • Once you are aware of your whole body and you are the rhythm of the breath, concentrate on what you feel both in your body and in your feelings.
  • Now focus on your feet, become aware of that there are and there they are, the pressure you feel in them, your heels, the toes, the ankles. Now turn the toes toward the soles of the feet. Beam strength with the fingers down. Hold the contraction and you're dropping little by little with each breath. Contráelos and dropping them according to the rhythm of the breathing, when you inhale the catch, exhaling the loose.
  • Breathe in slowly while you relax and aflojas. With each breath You sink into a state of relaxation perfect. Don't go to sleep still alert, but relaxed.
  • Now it is the turn of your legs and thighs. It takes awareness of them, tense each muscle, hold the tension and relax with each breath. Inhale and exhale. Relax and let yourself go. You should contract the muscle as you inhale and drop when you exhale. Remember to continue with the exercise as the leisurely pace of your breathing.
  • Continue with this process of contracting and releasing each muscle in your body in the upward direction, following the rhythm of your breathing. When a turn of the head, awareness of your face and every one of your muscles. Tense each one separately and loose with each breath, focus on the eyelids, the mouth and the jaw.
  • Now that you're completely relaxed it is the moment of viewing. Let your mind also to relax, imagine your baby in the womb, surrounded by an aura of love, tell mom and dad so look forward to it, love it, manifiéstale all your feelings, what you feel for him and for his arrival. Send positive messages, tell her that you know that a baby is beautiful and smart; tries to converse with him -as if he were at your side - make love, bésalo, it stays there as long as possible. Inhale and exhale.
  • Begin to listen to the music again, and slowly returned to the conscious state usual and you will return slowly to a state of total wakefulness. It retains the sense of calm, focus on what surrounds you, a continuous slowly moving every part of your body, it begins by the fingers of the hands and feet, continues with arms and legs, until in the end it is the turn of open, little by little, the eyes to observe the environment around you.

Once you finish this exercise you will feel renewed, vitalised and relaxed to perform your daily activities and, above all, much more close to the small one that begins to grow inside you.

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