cansancio durante el embarazo

In the last months of pregnancy, the baby can already suck his finger, gives him hiccups and he perceives the changes of the outside, what is the best time to stimulate.

Expert: Dafnis Zambrano, a specialist in prenatal stimulation

The prenatal stimulation during the trimester of pregnancy helps the baby to communicate with his family, to focus their attention and to identify and discriminate voices and sounds from both the womb and the outside. This will help you to strengthen ever more the emotional bond with their parents, their siblings, if there are, and in general with the family group before birth.

Little by little means that these sounds have meaning and can be used to communicate. So begin the first steps for the development of language, through the association of the word with its meaning.

The baby is connected fully and intimately with the mother. In fact, some investigations have not only shown that the baby can hear, see, taste, feel and move, but there is also evidence that from the 5th month of pregnancy hear. At about the same date, the sense of sight as it works well against external stimuli, there are changes in your behavior.

In the 7th month, perceives what happens in the outside world, recognizes sounds, voices, and develops a preference for soft music. At this time, will open eyes for 1st time. In effect, you see, reacts to changes in lighting and can follow a light source so that it is the best time to perform a prenatal stimulation to your visual sense.

During the 8th month, the nervous system is formed and ready to operate, and on the 9th will continue to grow and develop, at the same time that happen physiological transformations that will prepare you to exit to the outside world.

Dafnis Zambrano delivers some techniques and activities that you can do at home to stimulate your baby during the trimester of pregnancy.

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Stimulation of the center of balance

This stimulation is done through the different positions that it takes during the mother's pregnancy in their normal life or by physical exercises (it is important that they are always supported by proper breathing).

The foetus, within the uterus, is informed of his position, recepcionando if the mother is standing or in a stance that affects your balance intrauterine, thus develop your center of balance and putting it on alert.

Stimulation of touch

Press for 5 seconds your abdomen from the hip to the navel, sueltalo, and returns to repeat the exercise. Rubs or caresses your “belly” with the fingertips in a circular shape, and tell your baby: “I'm stroking it”.

On the abdomen slaps, soft, to one side then to the other, then up and finally down.

Stimulation of the ear, their future vocabulary and the sense of location

This you can achieve with the simple fact that every time you do something good for the baby, so that both get the best out of that time. Indicates to the baby with words the action to be performed, as well:

  • As you walk, tell him “I'm walking, road, path, way.”
  • When you sit down, say “I'm going to sit, now I'm sitting”.
  • When you go to sleep or rest, you should also informarselo: “I'm going to sleep, or I'm going to rest here.” Recuerdale that it is night. As it will be dark take advantage of discover the womb to observe the darkness.

You can choose a song for each one of these moments and cantarsela or put it on the radio, takes advantage of moving rhythmically to the song that you listen to, either cumbia, salsa, waltz, etc

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During the day you will notice that there are certain actions and sounds that excite or calm, when something like this happens do you communicate what it is about. If when you hear a horn of a car makes a holiday kick in your belly, you explain: “son, that sound you hear is a horn of car.”

In addition it is good to narrarle stories and reciting nursery poems. To recognize the voice of the dad, siblings, grandparents, and uncles, it is essential that they talk with him. For example say: “hi baby I'm your....”

Never forget to express your love and how happy you are for their arrival.

Stimulation of the link

As in the previous quarters, you must perform the relaxation technique together with the visualization. To do this, you need to wear comfortable clothing and choose a place in your house with dim lighting, soft music, that also have a bed or a comfortable chair.

You locate yourself in a position nice, preferably sitting. You close your eyes, you begin to breathe in slowly and deeply, then exhale, concentrating only on feeling the music that relaxes you. Tense your muscles as you inhale and loose when you exhale; you start first with your feet, making you aware of them, continue with the legs, the abdomen, the arms, the hands, the shoulders, until you reach the head. There you focus on the eyelids, the mouth and the jaw, also the tense to the rhythm of the breath.

Throughout the exercise you should caress your belly with a hand –or with both, depending on your preference-by doing circular movements. In the third quarter you should pat the area of your belly where you feel the back of your child.

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What you imagine in your abdomen, ready to leave to meet you. You can see abrigadito, comfortable; at this time you say you love him and will send many positive thoughts. You tell him that you feel fear or anxiety for his arrival, but at the same time you are happy, that you just want to hug him to continue giving you the love that you have given during all these months.

Encouraging the bond between father and son

As pregnancy is a shared task between both parents, a very good way for the father to encourage his son is the game that the specialist in prenatal stimulation, Dafnis Zambrano, he explains. “The dad patted on the abdomen of the mom, talking to your child with the face attached to the belly, telling him that he loves him and that they are happy for their arrival. The baby responds by kicking his from the inside, you'll learn to recognize the voice of their dad and to play with him.”

As in the second quarter, should continue singing, putting on music you like and telling him stories.

Stimulating the vision

Discover your belly in front of an artificial light source or the window during a sunny day. When the belly is uncovered tell that it is light or day if you prefer so: “son, this is the light of the day.” In the meantime, when you cover the belly and tell him that it is of darkness or of the night: “baby, this is the dark” or “son, this is the night”. Remember that you can call him by his name, in case you already have decided, or also by a nickname loving that you have identified during the entire pregnancy.

Again with your bare belly, placing a light source in front –like a lamp or a flashlight of average power - and move it slowly in different senses, left to right, up and down and in circles, depending on your preference. In this way, your baby inside the womb will be able to follow the light source, focusing his attention on her.

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