Stimulation in pregnancy

This process refers to the way in which it establishes the emotional bond of the mother to the fetus during pregnancy, and that carries undoubted benefits for both.

Expert: White Roubillard, director of the School of Obstetrics and Puericulture of the Greater University

For some pregnant women, linking prenatal is natural and the feel spontaneous and strongly right after the conception or after the baby's movements can be felt.
However, for others it arises so spontaneously, depending on their life experiences prior, a situation in which is presented the pregnancy, and especially, in those who suffered complications in a previous pregnancy or from families with negative experiences in front of the maternity.
In these cases, it is difficult to develop a deep bond with the child, and this is only possible after the birth. But this linking prenatal can be achieved through a personal work consent and the support of your environment.

Ways in which a woman and her partner can activate the link prenatal

  • Choose a nickname for your child: they just know the sex of the baby, some parents choose the name of a small as a form of union. If you decide to wait, choose a nickname (Porotito, little Bird) so you can start to talk about and with the baby through a self-identification.
  • Keep a journal: the experts argue that the maintenance of a family day helps to increase children's self-esteem. It is never too early to start. Write to your porotito in a journal and record not only the events, but the history of the family, thoughts, concerns and hopes about the future. Subsequently, it will become an important source of personal security.
  • Talk and sing to: according to experts, a fetus of six months has already developed the ability to hear sounds outside the womb and react to stimuli. Once born, the baby will recognize familiar voices. It is never too early for the mother and her partner talk, read, sing and/or play music for the baby, which undoubtedly will promote bonding during pregnancy, with great benefits for the development of the child and the welfare of affection of the family.

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