What to do if the child does not want to lie down

Is your child is very fussy, not sleepy and do not want to go to bed? Maybe you need a little more than just that you to tell that already it is time to sleep. In Babies and Parents we help you sort the routine and accustom your child to have an hour to go to bed.

A habit structure life because that is an action that is repeated day-to-day. If you do it is nice, then it is in a family life positive. That's why the habit of going to bed should be ordered and systematized, as this helps children to accept it as something natural, without questioning it every time. That way, you save conflicts and confrontations that damage the emotional climate of the family.
At the beginning, like any habit, you must make an effort. Especially because it is common that children do not want to lie to the hour that corresponds to them.

To make it easier bedtime

Set a schedule and a routine before bedtime. You must tell the child each one of the steps of this routine and put it into practice every day what more identically as possible. For example: bathing or washing the face, hands, and teeth. Then, putting on pajamas and get into bed. After, reading a story, listening to music, or play a little game in bed. Finally, give the good night kiss, and turn off the light.

Some tips:

  • Warns the small about 10 minutes before bedtime, so that programming and know that it is time to put the toys away.
  • Make a environment of night in the house, turn off the lights, lower the volume or turn off devices that put noise.
  • If the child says to have no dream, mencionale you need to rest and lie down. Tell her you understand, but that you can take advantage of the time before falling asleep to look at books, read, listen to music or to imagine something. That way, in addition to acquire the habit of going to bed you can learn how to entertain themselves alone.
  • The hours of sleep a child needs depends on the age and temperament of each one. If the child costs a lot to get up in the morning or if you're in a bad mood, you may be missing hours of sleep. Put her down early or get to sleep a short nap.
  • If the child is larger, set a schedule and a routine before bedtime considering their opinions. To participate (agreeing to a schedule for the week and another for weekends) it will be easier that the routine meets.
  • Don't forget to add a greeting or a hug of good night to the routine of lying down.
  • Don't fall into the “trap” to accompany the child to sleep. This makes them to be dependent and anxious, making you feel that you have a power too big in front of their parents. It creates a situation very tense around bedtime.
If you establish a routine before bedtime for the child, encouraging a night-time atmosphere and encouraging the child to sleep alone and in peace, bedtime will no longer be a problem.

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