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  • Mom with 2 weeks of pregnancy
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Mom with 2 weeks of pregnancy

If your cycles are of 28 days, ovulation occurs on the last day of this week, so technically you're not pregnant. However, the doctor will count the weeks of pregnancy from the first day of your FUR (Date of Last menstruation) and not from conception, this is why we will talk about 2 weeks of pregnancy, despite the fact that at this stage, the fertilization still does not occur.
If you do not remember your FUR or your cycles are very irregular, will be the ultrasound that will give the last word with respect to the time you got pregnant.
The stitching on the sides of your abdomen are common symptoms during this period. Normally this is an indicator of ovulation, along with tenderness. In addition, your basal body temperature tends to increase so lightly.
The uterus begins to form the “lining” where it attaches the egg that is called a placenta and it will serve to nourish your baby. At this time your uterus is preparing for conception.
Your blood volume increases by 50%, to meet the oxygen demands of the possible baby that will grow inside you. Within your body, you're creating a world that is safe for your little one can develop, protected from the outside.
It is not yet possible to confirm with analysis if you are already pregnant. You must have a little patience since you have to wait two more weeks to confirm, that is to say, the date when you should appear your period.


Ovulation, that will allow an egg out of your ovary to meet the sperm that fertilized, is triggered by a sudden increase in the production of a hormone called LH.
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This process starts when the surface of the ovary start to show a bulge locally in the vertex of which appears a spot called the stigma. This results in the degeneration of the surface of the ovary, which leads to a leakage of follicular fluid by the stigma , which opens gradually. As well it releases the tension and the egg detaches and is expelled from the ovary.
However, some women do not ovulate naturally so to become pregnant, take drugs, such as clomiphene citrate, which stimulates the release of this hormone, resulting in ovulation multiple.
It is for this reason that the frequency of multiple pregnancies increases to 10 times when it induces ovulation, but also occur spontaneous abortions because that is not possible the survival of seven or more embryos.

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