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In this article you will find:
  • Mom with 3 weeks of pregnancy
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  • Ideas to enjoy your 3 weeks of pregnancy:

Mom with 3 weeks of pregnancy

It may feel small abdominal discomfort similar to premenstrual, which surely will make you think that your period is about to arrive, although this discomfort is the one that indicates that the uterus is growing because you already have 3 weeks of pregnancy. You may have small losses sanguinolientas that correspond to this process.
It is also common in the third week present symptoms such as breast tenderness, fatigue, nausea, and headache; in addition to the increase of the urge to urinate, more sleepy than usual and increased perception of odors.
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The smell takes on a dimension never before conceived, and also greatly increases the secretion of saliva, with a taste a bit metallic. If it happens all of this will be better than you thinking of visiting your gynecologist to discuss what you're feeling.
To confirm your pregnancy you have to wait until the day of the first missed menstrual, that is to say within about a week. If the test is positive means you are pregnant and you should prepare an appointment with your ob.
If you suspect that you may be pregnant, you have to act as if you were. It is important that you avoid the intake of alcoholic beverages, aspirin, medications, and drugs. In the case that you were receiving a medication consult with your doctor and tell them the situation.
It's also recommended that you drink large amounts of coffee due to high doses of caffeine are associated with interruption of pregnancy during the first trimester. You should not also of the radiation such as X-rays (x-rays).
It is very important that you follow these tips as they are crucial to the health of the baby during the next five weeks. Also you have to be careful with the diet, to regularize the excess weight, or a vitamin deficiency.
In addition, you should receive an adequate intake of folic acid and iron in your meals because these substances will make your baby more healthy. Try to take care of yourself more, avoiding physical activities strenuous.
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In this week's part in the development of your child, that is the egg that has just been fertilized by a sperm.
It will undergo a process of division to lower the uterus through the fallopian Tubes.
The cell is divided in two in the first 24 hours, and on the fourth day, it is a mass constituted by more than one hundred cells. The egg continues to divide as it is swept through the fallopian Tubes toward the uterus, where it will take the name of morula.
As fertilization occurs determines the sex of your baby. Biologically it is the man who defines it, since it is the sperm which has in its chromosomes genes X (female) or y (male), the mother only donates their eggs to the x-chromosome If the father gives an X chromosome (XX) will be a girl; if the sperm has a y chromosome (XY), will be a boy.
Starting at 3 weeks of pregnancy develops what we call the embryo, which is basically a head, a trunk and a curly tail. In the first few weeks of pregnancy the embryo begins to develop the foundations of the organs, the own characteristics and the nervous system.
During this week there are two small cavities eye, while training their ears and their eyes come in a primary phase. In addition, it is becoming hollow to the bones, muscles, kidneys, lungs, intestines, and digestive system. It also begins to develop the neural tube, a tube exposed without skin or bones that will become the brain, the spinal cord, the nervous system and the spinal column of your baby.
Although not yet be known to you, your baby is visible through a microscope because it has begun to grow and develop. Now the morula of 150 cells, happens to be called a blastocyst. It must be implanted in the endometrium, where it will form the placenta, in charge to nurture and protect the fetus. At the end of this week to the heart of the baby starts beating.
Begin soon to outline the chorionic villi that are going to get in touch with your blood vessels so that the baby gets from your blood nutrients, oxygen and can begin to remove products not need.
Also already begins to gather the amniotic fluid that will protect it during the coming weeks and months.
With three weeks of pregnancy, the heart is a group of muscle cells dormant and tiny, but on the 22 days it takes life. Anyway, you will not be able to hear their heartbeat by approximately up to week 12, using the ultrasound. Only from week 27 will be able to listen to those who support you in your abdomen.
These cells are programmed to control the latiditos of the baby until the brain is in charge in the next few weeks. For now, the heart will distribute the food and oxygen that the embryo needs to grow.
In the third week, your baby measures to 0.1 cm.


At this stage it is very important that you look after your nutrition, eating healthy foods with enough iron, calcium, protein and folic acid. A balanced diet will increase the blood flow to your baby, and you will prevent you and your child of possible anemia.

Keep in mind also the following:

  • The calcium will help you have a healthy baby, with strong bones and teeth.
  • The proteins generate new tissue.
  • The folic acid helps to prevent spina bifida.
  • In addition, taking folic acid before and during pregnancy reduces by 40% the risk of your baby being born with cleft lip. 3 semanas de embarazo

Ideas to enjoy your 3 weeks of pregnancy:

Don't worry if you have more sleep than usual, this is completely normal and expected. Enjoy this feeling that the baby is the one that causes this unusual fatigue. Nature is wise, if you rest your baby will develop better.
Remember that it depends on your child's birth is everything you want it to be.

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