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Beam reached 34 weeks of pregnancy, and you might feel nervous thought that your baby could be born premature, however, you say that babies that are born from this week until 37, if you do not have other health problems, usually will not have serious problems at birth.
Also if you are one of those moms that works perhaps because in this week you are licensed or rest prenatal.

The development of your baby

  • Your baby measures about 45 cm (near 18 inches).
  • The weight of your little one is between the 2.1 and the 2.3 kilos.
  • The brain and the rest of their bodies are almost ready for when he is born.
  • Your immune system is able to fight off mild infections.

Changes in your body

  • Your nervous system and your cardiovascular system are regularly adjusted to the changes that happen to your body at 34 weeks of pregnancy. However, there are times that this does not happen, and it makes you feel dizzy. This can happen when you merge very fast, have low blood sugar, suffer from severe anemia, or feeling too much heat.
  • Some moms develop a disease called hemolytic hypotensive supine. This can occur when you are lying on your back, as this changes your blood pressure and your heart rate. You may feel dizzy until you acomodes again.
  • It is possible to also watch some red bumps or blisters on the belly, which produce itching. These disturbances, which may be presented in the same way in your butt and thighs, are referred to as papules and plaques itchy and urticariformes of pregnancy, and are usually harmless. However, it is necessary that you indicate this to your doctor, because it can be related with a problem in the liver.
  • Due to all the changes your body has experienced, it is normal that in this phase you feel tired. Try to relax and prepare for the day of delivery. If you must be long time standing, it is advisable that you use a belt to help you hold and deal in a better way the weight of your belly.

Your 34th week of pregnancy:

The birth of your son is more and more near. At this stage it is essential that you recognize the symptoms that will warn you of the onset of labor.
All births are different, but there are signs of pre labor common, such as regular contractions, you will feel at periods of time shorter each time; the rupture of the amniotic sac or the loss of a mucus streaked with blood; and the pain of menstrual-like along with discomfort in the lumbar region. All of this is an indication of the dilatation of the neck of the uterus.
Even so, the presence of these symptoms does not mean inapelablemente that has started the delivery.
It is possible that you can perceive these evidence days or weeks before the birth of your baby, but it is your doctor who will be deemed to have reached your moment of giving birth. This is why you should call it immediately if you feel any of these signals.

When do you go license or resting for motherhood?

If you are one of those moms that has worked during your pregnancy, make sure you know that before the arrival of your baby you need to leave a license or resting.
The weeks of this benefit vary according to the laws of your country. For example if you are in Chile, arrival the 34th week of pregnancy begins the prenatal period, and corresponds to 42 days prior to giving birth, which concludes the 40 weeks of pregnancy.
Latin american countries have a political middle in the matter of the license or rest pre and post natal:
– Cuba and Venezuela, along with Chile, are the most days you have for Maternity leave in the american continent, 18 weeks in total, and the payment of 100% of salary.
– Brazil follows with 17 weeks and 100% of salary.
– Argentina and Peru moms get 13 weeks off and 100% of salary.
– Other Latin american countries, they have 12 weeks of leave, and the 100% of compensation, with the exception of Bolivia, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Paraguay, where the payment for the rest diminishes.
In contrast, the european countries are those most days granted to their pregnant working women:
– Sweden, gives up to 96 weeks, canceling 80% of the salary during this time.
– United kingdom, granted a whole year, and 90% of the salary.
– Spain, with 16 weeks of leave and 100% of salary.
It is important that you take the time off or rest, because during this period you'll be able to finalize the details that you need for the arrival of your baby and to rest the last weeks of pregnancy, from your home.

The progress of the baby:

Their bodies are aprontan for life on the outside. Your kidneys produce urine, and their brain is increased with speed, considerably increasing the amount of brain tissue, which will continue after birth.
This week, the brain connections are increasing at an incredible pace, and your baby's head grows with them.
Your child responds each time with more force to the stimuli that surround it. Often you may feel that you have hiccups , or if you do an ultrasound you could see it as he sucks the finger.
Although it spends most of its time sleeping, is very alert to his surroundings, and anything that prevents you from sleeping can affect you, especially if this is repetitive.
It is necessary that you understand that your pregnancy is very relevant, and that your baby takes your rhythm of life.

34 Weeks Pregnant: Almost everything is ready

How much has it grown the baby?

Your baby weighs about 2 pounds, and measures between 40 and 45 centimeters. It has already developed almost all of its systems, with the exception of the lungs. Continues to gaining weight and storing fat.
If you will have a premature delivery in this week, whether you can calm down, since 99 percent of babies born this week survive, and almost none presents problems for being premature.


It is recommended that you go to prenatal classes of breathing and relaxation, so you can prepare for childbirth, and learn to keep calm and manage the contractions you're at 34 weeks of pregnancy.
It will also be of great help in what you remainder of pregnancy, because you'll be able to face with confidence the aches and pains typical of your state.

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