In this article you will find:
  • The development of your baby
  • Changes in your body
  • Your 35 weeks of pregnancy:
  • The progress of the baby:
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You're in the 35 weeks of pregnancy! During this period your baby begins to be placed in position cephalic, ready to leave the day of his birth, which is why we feel a little more pressure in the pelvis.

The development of your baby

  • Your baby measures a little more than 46 cm (18 inches).
  • In this week's the weight of your baby is approximately 2.3 pounds.
  • The kidneys of your baby are fully developed.
  • The liver of your baby is beginning to work.
  • The majority of their physical development is now complete.
  • The skin of your baby is now a pink color.

Changes in your body

  • In the 35 weeks of pregnancy because your uterus has increased by approximately 15 times its size, therefore your organs are being pressed by your baby, and that's why you go constantly to the bathroom.
  • During this period of time you change a bit your way of walking, since you have to swing from one side to another because the soft cartilage of the pelvis begins to expand, so that your baby pass through the birth canal more easily.
  • As a result of your weight gain and the baby's you walk in another way and this can cause discomfort at the lumbar level. Try not to stay in the same position all the time, either standing or sitting.
  • As time passes you feel a lot more acidity and you have digestive problems, but not to worry, this all happens after you give birth to your baby.
  • It is totally normal to get swelling in your ankles and feet, to relieve this pain, place your feet up and rest as much as possible.

Your 35 weeks of pregnancy:

During this week your body is still changing and you may find that your belly button sticks out a lot more than your tummy, for the excess weight brings pregnancy.
These days I feel more of an urge to urinate, this is because your baby is much bigger and press on your bladder.
In the 35th week of pregnancy comes the time for you to undergo a test to check the bacteria in your vaginal area and thus be able to rule out the strep group B.
It is important to indicate that the same is harmless to adults, but if during childbirth you get to give it to your child can cause some complications such as meningitis, pneumonia or any infection in the blood.
On the other hand, in the final stage of pregnancy your body will transfer to your baby temporary immunity against childhood diseases like measles and mumps, this means that your child is protected until they touch their first vaccines.


At this time your womb has increased almost 15 times your size and your baby is growing at a rapid pace, which is why we feel that the almost no space to move around and sometimes you can see their hands, feet, elbows or head are marked in your tummy.

The progress of the baby:

Now your baby climbs between 250 and 300 grams per week, and your skin is a little more stretched, and in addition begins to bounce up and down lanugo; in the 35 weeks of pregnancy, the pupils of your baby already manage to shrink and dilate as a response to the light, so it already knows how to differentiate between the darkness and the light.
For this week, since your baby is chubby, and his appearance resembles that will be the day that is going to be born. His little head already has the ideal size and produces approximately 100 billion neurons with 100 trillion connections, that will be your companions the rest of your life.

How much has it grown the baby?

Without a doubt, this week your baby is already much bigger, weighs between 2.4 and 2.7 kilograms and measures about 43 centimeters, this head-to-heels.
If you get your time of birth, your child could live without any type of complications, but it is important that you know that the longer you stay inside you will be more healthy and strong to come to the world.

35 Weeks Pregnant: The baby takes a position


In the 35th week of pregnancy sure your feet and ankles are very swollen, it is important that you rest and put your feet up, either in bed or in a chair.
In addition to swelling safe the cramps also feel with intensity, to avoid them you need to make every day different exercises with your ankles, as circular movements and move them up and down.

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