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Your baby is running out of space arrival to 36 weeks of pregnancy, but you should be quiet because this is normal, as it continues to grow and preparing the last details to reach your life.

The development of your baby

  • Your baby is between 46 and 48 inches (within 18 inches).
  • The weight of your baby is between 2.6 and 3 kg.
  • The huesos of the head are fully formed, but still soft and flexible.
  • Continue the maturation of its organs and systems, so that within a little they will work independently.

Changes in your body

  • In 36 weeks of pregnancy, you'll have climbed about 12 or 13 kilos, and it is possible that in the remainder of your pregnancy to increase a kilo more, although this is variable, because not all moms have a increase of your weight in this phase.
  • You will feel less of an appetite now that your son has grown up, as you tap more of your internal organs. It is recommended that you consume small portions of food, several times a day.
  • It is possible that your baby snaps his head in the pelvis at 36 weeks of pregnancy, decreasing your feeling of heartburn and choking. This event, called casings, happens before birth, and can increase the pressure in the lower area of the belly, which will make it difficult to walk. The discomfort that some moms think the baby is going to fall, but this will not happen, because that only is accommodating to come to the world.
  • During this week, if it notes that the activity of your baby has dropped, or you have vaginal bleeding, fever, headaches, abdominal pain, changes in vision, or goteas amniotic fluid, it is essential that you go immediately to a medical center.
  • It is very common that you're more distracted and scatterbrained, well, your concern focuses on the changes that will soon experience your life. Also, the lack of sleep, contributes to this feeling of distraction.
  • Probably suffer from inflammations by excess fluid. It is important that you understand that taking a lot of fluid does not influence this discomfort, on the contrary, it favors the movement of the bowel and the elimination of waste through the kidneys, in addition to retains the volume of the blood.

Your 36 weeks of pregnancy:

With the arrival of the 36th week, it is very common for your abdomen to harden, sometimes, when you walk or climb stairs.
This is caused by the contractions of Braxton Hicks, which are false contractions that are preparing your uterus, the same you must not confuse them with the that you will have the day of the birth because they maintain a regular rhythm and they are painful when you increase your intensity.
If adviertes that are every five minutes, it is necessary to call your doctor immediately.
Try to rest as possible, because after your baby is born, you can not sleep more than four hours a day. Try to be well-prepared for your stuff to go to the hospital, check everything before the big day.
These last few weeks, you will be more anxious, since your child is ready to be born, in addition you will perceive more fatigue than before, because your weight is much higher.
After the baby is born you will notice the diapers are stained with a dark, called meconium. This is formed by everything that your child eats before birth, such as amniotic fluid, vernix caseous, your hair, and other secretions.
These wastes have a look black or a very dark green, and are the first thing that your child removed when coming into the world.

Meconium aspiration

Among the complications that can occur to the baby during birth, is the aspiration syndrome meconium. It can become a serious disorder, but in most cases, it is not.
This syndrome can arise before birth or during it, if the newborn breathes a mixture of meconium and amniotic fluid.
Inhalation of meconium can cause a partial or complete obstruction of the airway of the baby.
How severe is the disorder, will depend on the amount of meconium inhaled and the baby's condition and the conditions that could develop previously, such as, for example, some intrauterine infection or the postmadurez (more than 42 weeks of gestation). While more meconium inhaled a baby, the more serious it is.

The progress of the baby:

For the week 36, your baby has grown a lot in size and no longer move with the same freedom as before, since the space in your uterus has been reduced.
His face looks more rosy, and from time to time descend to the pelvis, which will alleviate the pressure that you now feel and allow your breathing to return to normal.
Your baby looks much more robust, as it has accumulated more fat, and at the end of this week will already be fully developed.
If born before week 37, would be deemed premature; but from week 37 to 42, considered full-term.
It is possible that your son has already taken the position that it will have at birth, with the feet facing up. However, if you have not turned in the 37th week, it is likely that your doctor will recommend performing a cephalic version external.
This procedure will attempt to rotate from the outside of your womb to your baby, to take the position that you must have at the time of delivery.

How much has it grown the baby?

You'll be impressed by how big it is already your son, since your weight might be getting in this week to 3 kilos and measuring between 46 and 48 inches.
If for any reason your delivery will anticipate the baby will be considered premature, because while you continue your pregnancy continues to get the greater benefits to be born completely healthy.

36 Weeks Pregnant: The baby descends


This is a perfect occasion for you to wear according to your doctor about how you communicate with him when the time comes to give birth.
If you're very nervous because you're at 36 weeks of pregnancy and so close to the birth of your child, you can talk with other moms to know their experiences about childbirth. It is essential that you are quiet and confident in this last phase.

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