In this article you will find:
  • The development of your baby
  • Changes in your body
  • How do you feel?
  • Your 37 weeks of pregnancy:
  • Progress of the baby
  • Tips
Your pregnancy is nearing its end, during the 37 weeks of pregnancy you will feel frequent Braxton Hicks contractions, which are likely to be more lasting and more noticeable.

The development of your baby

  • Your baby measures approximately 48.6 cm (19.13 inches).
  • By this time, your baby weighs almost 3 kilograms.
  • The brain and the lungs of your baby are still maturing.
  • Your baby's head is already fully covered in hair.

Changes in your body

  • During this week it is possible to appear for the first time, a little spotting or threads, which is called as bleeding cervical that occurs when the neck of your uterus begins to dilate.
  • Can 't eject the mucus plug which is a runny transparent which is sometimes accompanied by a bit of blood, the fact of deportation does not indicate that you will go into labor, this can take a few days.

How do you feel?

  • During these days you feel a lot of fatigue, which is produced by the compression of the lungs this for the little space they have, since the uterus occupies the greater part.
  • It is necessary that you rest all you can during the last weeks, since due to the weight and to the countless trips to the bathroom your rest is interrupted and you can feel in a bad mood.
  • Due to the frequent Braxton Hicks contractions, now do not go unnoticed, you can feel uncomfortable and with a lot more pain in the belly.

Your 37 weeks of pregnancy:

You're in the final stretch of your pregnancy! Which means that your baby is already fully formed and ready for life outside your womb without problems, however the last few weeks of gestation are very important for your baby to be able to complete their growth and development.
As discussed previously, this week you can experience a little spotting or strands of blood, this is called bleeding cervical, don't you panicking!
This is because your uterus is starting to dilate in preparation for the day you give birth.
In addition to that during this week as a result of the dilatation of the cervix you can also expel the mucus plug, this does not mean that you are going into labor, even missing a few days.
In the 37th week of pregnancy your baby's head as it probably is wedged in the birth canal, only 3% of babies fit their buttocks or feet inside the channel, if this does not move in the next will have to get a c-section.

Progress of the baby

At this point the organs and system of your baby are already ready to develop all its functions.
Your baby responds to light, recognizes your voice and that of his father; on the other hand the lanugo which is the fine layer of hair that covers your skin begins to disappear almost completely and the vernix cheesy that is the layer of fat that protects your skin is absorbing.

How much has it grown the baby?

In the 37 weeks of pregnancy your baby weighs almost 3 kilograms and measures approximately 48 cm from head to heels.
Your baby is ready to come out of your belly, but the experts still do not consider that your pregnancy has come to term until the 39th week of pregnancy.


In the last few weeks of pregnancy can develop a condition called pre-eclampsia, for this reason you should not skip any appointments, as you have to be sure that the pressure of your blood is correct.
It is important that you already have ready on your bag to go to the hospital, with everything your baby and your need.

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