In this article you will find:
  • The development of your baby
  • Changes in your body
  • Your 38 weeks of pregnancy:
  • How do you handle the pain of contractions?
  • The progress of the baby:
  • Tips
Start the final countdown !These with 38 weeks of pregnancy! Although you may not believe you've already traversed the whole process and you're happy and anxious waiting for the arrival of your baby, but it's all calm, as the date for the birth of your baby, it is unexpected unless you've scheduled a c-section with your doctor.

The development of your baby

  • Your baby measures between 43 and 50 centimeters.
  • Between 2.8 and 3.4 kilograms is the weight of your baby.
  • Its organs are already fully developed and in its definitive place.
  • His hair is more long and thick.
  • Their fingernails have grown and come out of the tip of your fingers.

Changes in your body

  • As you already have 38 weeks of pregnancy your abdomen is noticed, much more bulky when your baby turn and stretch their limbs.
  • It is possible that at this stage your discomfort will increase. In addition, and as a curious fact, you will notice stick out your belly, product of the size that has today your belly.
  • You may experience swelling in the legs, but if it affects your hands or face, and you rise suddenly of weight, or you have severe headaches, pain in the abdomen or blurred vision, contact immediately with your doctor, as this may indicate the presence of preeclampsia, a very dangerous illness for you and your child.

Your 38 weeks of pregnancy:

Braxton Hicks contractions are usually more intense, and you may think that you are the real. However, the contractions that you will feel in labor are much stronger.
It is possible that you can perceive your joints something stiff; in addition, you incomodarĂ¡ the pelvis, by the pressure which causes the head of your baby, now that has flipped.
To comply with 38 weeks of pregnancy you may feel that the time passes ever, and that the delivery day looks very far away. Relax and try to rest all you can, because after you give birth you will not be able to do so.
Prepares all the details of the baby's room, and try to have everything ready for your stay in the hospital. Remember to be alert to the symptoms that announce the birth of your son.
It is important that you're alert to the symptoms that will warn you of the arrival of your baby. When the water breaks or contractions are felt in frequent can be a sign that you're in labor.
In the last few weeks you've felt the contractions more intense, but with discontinuity. If these are the five in an hour, it's time to call your doctor.

How do you handle the pain of contractions?

The contractions are the way your body to let you know that you are preparing for or already ready for the arrival of your baby, but you are concerned about just how painful they can become or how to handle that feeling at the time of delivery.
While it is true that exist in the market many drugs that relieve their pain, many women prefer more natural methods for the control of these.
  • Breathing exercises: they tend to be very effective, since a wheezing during the dilation up to the thoracic breathing when going to expel the fetus.
  • Change of position help: the only fact of change of position can help lighten them enough for the pains of childbirth.
  • Massage that relieve pain: In any position of the body will be grateful, but especially on the back and the feet.
  • Hot water bath to relax: many pregnant women find it very effective to a bath of warm water to relax.
  • Stand in another place: especially when you feel that are several contractions in a row helps to think about your favorite beach, a special place for the couple or perhaps where you've always wanted to go.
  • Listen to music: have on hand a selection of favorite songs can help relieve in a natural way the pain.

The progress of the baby:

Your baby is prepared to live out of your tummy. Arrival 38 weeks, your body has developed the muscle tone you need, however various parts of it are still flexionales.
Your lungs are already developed, and secrete a protein to the amniotic fluid that alters your hormone production. In this way, the placenta lessens the emanation of progesterone and promotes the production of the hormone oxytocin.

How much has it grown the baby?

Your baby weighs between 2.8 and 3.4 kg, and measures between 43 and 50 centimeters.
It is practically unpredictable and the time that it would bring to the world. Only 5% of children are born in the date prepared, the number remaining behind or ahead.


It is extremely essential that you determine if you will be your partner or a family member who will accompany you in the delivery.
This will be an unforgettable experience for them, and in the case that they have prepared together, may serve as a support in labor, breathing exercises and massage.

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