In this article you will find:
  • The development of your baby
  • Changes in your body
  • Your 39 weeks of pregnancy
  • The progress of the baby:
  • How much has it grown the baby?
  • Tips
!Congratulations¡ from 39 weeks of pregnancy, your baby may be born at any time. However, if not born within 40 weeks of pregnancy, you don't have to grieve, because only 5% of babies are born on the estimated date.

The development of your baby

  • Perhaps your baby measures between 47 and 51 inches.
  • Around 3 kilograms, it is estimated that your weight.
  • Has achieved the necessary weight and muscle strengthening.
  • El cabrero continues its development.

Changes in your body

  • You may notice a vaginal discharge mucus with traces of blood, it is possible that you are removing the plug that seals the neck of the uterus. Labor will begin one or two days after that boat this cap.
  • It is possible that in this period you will suffer the breakage of the bag. Some feel a drop of water is very intense, while others only feel a little smaller.
  • In this phase you may get swelling in your feet and ankles, but it is a normal symptom.

Your 39 weeks of pregnancy

During the week 39 you can that your doctor will perform an abdominal exam to check the size and the position of your son. Similarly, it may be that you do an internal test to see if the cervix has begun to take more shape, or to dilate.
If after this week, your baby still does not want to come to the world, do not worry, because it'sonly 5% of babies are born on the date predicted.
If you exceed the expected day for delivery, past 40 weeks, it is likely that your doctor will do an ultrasound to see if it is advisable to continue with the pregnancy.
In the meantime, you may proceed to induce labor if it is delayed in one or two weeks of the estimated date.

The uterus in labor.

The cervix is a channel with thick walls, some inches in length, closed with firmness.
It is likely that in the last weeks of the pregnancy hormones do not soften, but they are necessary to the contractions of the initial stage of labor to dilate and weaken it. Dilation is measured in centimeters from one to ten.
The cervix (neck of the uterus) dilates only about four inches in the latent phase, arriving at eight in the active phase. The pain will increase, as will dilate completely during the transition.
Finally, the cervix opens completely and form a body with the uterus to allow passage of the baby.

The progress of the baby:

The day as dreamed of is soon to arrive. Your baby is ready to be born. You have already deleted the lanugo, although you can find traces of it in their front and back. Your eyes will change its original color for up to six months after birth.
The umbilical cord that transported nutrients from the placenta to your child now measures about 50 centimeters long and 1.3 centimeters wide. As the space in the uterus is reduced, it is usual that wraps around the baby, although it is very flexible and does not cause major complications.
However, there are children who are born with the umbilical cord embracing her neck, but it's easy to cut it, because since week 35, the births are less complex.

How much has it grown the baby?

Your child is between 47 and 51 inches, and weighs about 3 kilograms. Continue to build up fat to regulate their temperature at birth.
Usually, little boys tend to weigh a bit more than the little girls.


If you still don't have notions of how to change a diaper, it is time that he find out. It is essential to 39 weeks of pregnancy that you and your partner know the basic care that you give to your child, how to change a diaper, bathe him or let him sleep.

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