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Mom with 4 weeks of pregnancy:

It is likely that at this time you realize or have the first inkling that you're pregnant because you did not get the rule despite the fact that you corresponded, however, are for your 4 weeks of pregnancy because it starts counting from the first day of your last menstrual period. If you're not sure what is best to get a pregnancy test, because in this week, the test already you can confirm your status.

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If you get a positive, it is best to call the doctor to schedule your first prenatal appointment. It is possible to take in to give you a date. Some doctors do not see their pregnant patients until they are at least eight weeks of pregnancy. But if you're taking any medication, even those sold without prescription, or any herb, you should ask on the phone if you can follow it.

Something that will come very well to your baby as you are the prenatal vitamins that are sold without prescription. But do not take more doses than indicated because this could harm the baby.

The hormonal changes that the baby produces, can make you feel the first symptoms of pregnancy. Fatigue, tingling, sore breasts or nausea, might lead you to believe that your menstrual period will start at any time.

Perhaps you have more sleep than normal, many urination and more tired than usual. The first few weeks of pregnancy tend not to be really the best, because you can also suffer vomiting morning and an intensification in the perception of odors.

After fertilization, when the baby is still a bump, very small, arrives in the uterus from the Fallopian Tube (where it is joined with sperm from your partner) and is buried there to start to grow the placenta.

During this process, some veins can break causing blood a little. These little losses at the beginning of the pregnancy is called “implantation bleeding”. You don't have much importance, and some women do not even realize they appear more or less at the time that I had to come to menstruation. This is all normal and not have to worry about it. But if you are having heavy bleeding, it is different. In that case you should call your doctor right away.


The baby is just a ball microscopic called an embryo and is the size of a grain of pepper. In these days the embryo, in truth, still does not look like a human being. Is accommodating in the uterus, while their bodies start to develop. The embryo is constituted as a disk with three layers of cells, which will cause subsequently the different tissues in the human body.

  • The internal disk (endoderm) will become the lungs, liver and digestive system.
  • The disk middle (mesoderm), constitute the bones, muscles, kidneys, sex organs and the baby's heart.
  • The external disk (ectoderm), will form the skin, hair, eyes and the nervous system. This disc is folded to resemble a tube with two bulges at the ends, one of which will form the baby's head.

With four weeks of pregnancy the embryo is about 2 millimeters. At the end of the sixth week of its size will come to approximately 4 millimeters.

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Their eyes begin to be distinguished as two black dots, and begin to develop the bumps that will later form his arms and legs. There are already layers of tissue that will shape the face of your baby, and your tiny heart is formed now by a single camera.

The placenta, which is important in your pregnancy, is also growing. Through it the baby will get the oxygen and food necessary for their development. At the end of this week the placenta will begin to function.

Also in this week is growing in the amniotic sac, the bag in which the baby is floating in amniotic fluid throughout pregnancy.


  • Possibly at 4 weeks of pregnancy to know the great news, it is important that you define how you're going to live that moment, and with who you will share, because it is a very special occasion that sure you will remember all your life.
  • Talk to other moms who have their baby at the same time as you.
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Ideas to enjoy your 4 weeks of pregnancy:

Preparing a special and romantic with your partner to announce that it will be father. If you have more children, choose an activity that is fun for them and let them know the news.

The second stage is to tell the good news to your family and friends, for this you can also organize a trip, walk or meal.

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