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In this article you will find:
  • Mom with 5 weeks of pregnancy:
  • Fetal development of the Baby:
  • Ideas to enjoy your 5 weeks of pregnancy:

Mom with 5 weeks of pregnancy:

Even if you just found out you're pregnant, you're 5 weeks pregnant because they start counting from your last period. In these early weeks of pregnancy maybe you're a little bit scared with the prospect of being a mother, and you have many questions and even contradictory feelings. But as you will see as the weeks go by everything is going to be fitting into place.
Already a week passed since you should have come menstruation, and it still does not appear. We advise you to undergo a pregnancy test to confirm a time. If the result is positive, see your ob since they now are two people who have to take care of.
Remember to avoid the intake of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, medicines, and reduce the coffee to a minimum, because high doses of caffeine are associated with interruption of pregnancy during the first trimester. You should also avoid exposing yourself to radiation such as X-rays (x-rays) and hazardous chemicals.
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In these 5 weeks of pregnancy are occurring, many things within your body, although no one can realize, pregnancy hormones are already in operation and you may be feeling nausea, tiredness and that you are urinating far more than normal. Your breasts begin to grow and can be somewhat sensitive.
The hormones will increase your body temperature, and the level of progesterone remains high, so that the placenta and the uterus can grow properly.

Fetal development of the Baby:

The embryo already is about six millimeters long and is visible to the naked eye. During these five weeks, the embryo multiplied by 40 its extent. In fact, at this point your baby is now the size of a small seed of sesame. Still not much like a baby, by now it seems more a renacuajito. But despite being so small, has a brain that is growing.
The spine, head, and trunk of your baby begin to take their true form, and a bulge in the center of the embryo reveals what your heart will be. During this week the heart of your tiny baby begins to form. Then you're going to divide into two cavities, and the principle will begin to beat irregularly. The neural tube closes and appear the nostrils and the retinas of your future eyes.
Other major organs such as the liver, kidneys and intestines also begin to form during this week. Below its head, the small folds are distinguished and in the next few weeks will form the neck and the lower jaw.
In this stage, the embryo floats in a bubble filled with fluid called the amniotic sac, which is covered by a protective membrane outside, called the chorion, which will become the placenta, initial. They will begin to sprout a few small projections of tissue called the chorionic villi, which constitute the access to the blood circulation of the mother.
Your baby is unique. The union of your egg with a sperm forms a series of 46 chromosomes that determine all the inherited characteristics of the baby: sex, hair, color of eyes, color of skin, features of his face and some details of his personality.
In the fifth week , the neural tube, which will later become the spine, along with the nerves and the spinal cord. It is essential that at this stage take folic acid, as this vitamin prevents neural tube defects. They are also now beginning to form a series of layers of cells, from which will develop all the organs of the baby.


  • In relation to the typical problems of these first few weeks, we advise you to take it easy. The fatigue will improve if you do things slower, and rest long enough.
  • Regarding the urge to urinate, avoid drinking too much liquid before going to bed.
  • Finally, to avoid morning sickness, you can eat some crackers in bed before getting up.
5 semanas de embarazo ecografia 5 semanas

Ideas to enjoy your 5 weeks of pregnancy:

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A nice initiative is to have a daily life where you go by recording day-to-day changes that happen to your body as you proceed your pregnancy. Although you may not believe when your child learns to read, you will enjoy each one of these lines. For this you can use a simple notebook and decorate it with photos or images that personalizen and make you look beautiful and yours.

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