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In this article you will find:
  • Mother with 6 weeks of pregnancy:
  • Fetal development of the Baby:
  • Ideas to enjoy your 6 weeks of pregnancy:

Mother with 6 weeks of pregnancy:

To have a small loss of blood is quite common in early pregnancy, but can sometimes indicate a problem. If you have 6 weeks of pregnancy and are experiencing any kind of bleeding, it is best that you call immediately to your doctor to determine if it is something normal, or if it is required to conduct any tests.
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The bleeding may also indicate that the pregnancy is ectopic (ectopic), or there is the possibility of a miscarriage. But before you worry, try to always speak with your doctor.
Every pregnancy is different. If you've been pregnant previously, it is possible that this is completely different. As everything is in full development, there is great sensitivity to certain drugs, viruses and bacteria that can cross the placenta, so you must take special care, since most of the defects in the embryo occur from 6 weeks of pregnancy.
At this stage it is common to begin the discomforts of pregnancy and no longer confuse it with the premenstrual. However, not all women feel sick during the first few months.
Perhaps the only thing different that you perceive are morning sickness, tiredness and the urge to urinate more than usual. Although there are other typical symptoms such as nasal congestion, excessive salivation, constipation, and heartburn, among others.
It is also possible that you are experiencing mood changes constant, as a result of the pregnancy hormones. You can go from happiness to sadness, joy to the bad mood, and even get to cry for no apparent reason.
Although this can be very disconcerting, especially if you are a person that tends to control their emotions, it is quite normal during the first few months. Later these mood swings are attenuated a little bit, but of some form will be present throughout the pregnancy.
However, these emotions so contradictory not only due to the high levels of hormones circulating in your blood, also have to do with the fact that your whole life will change, and of course, this can affect the emotions of anyone.
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Fetal development of the Baby:

Within you is growing a new life and it is wonderful. The heart of your child continues to grow, its cells continue to divide without stopping and it begins to seem more a baby, but only the size of a tiny button.
The outbreaks are tiny his arms and legs begin to appear and the circulation of the blood begins to run. In this period it is when you differentiate the genital organs.
His head is very large in comparison to the rest of the body; since there are dark spots where after you will have the nose and the eyes, and there are holes where then will the ears. His fingers still were not distinguished, although it won't take much. It begins to mark the collar and the tongue, and the vocal cords are already being developed.
Both the intestines and lungs are beginning to form, as well as the fibers of the muscles. And in the mid of the week 6, you can start to move the legs and arms. However, you'll still have to wait several weeks until you can feel your kicking.
The growth during this period is very fast, their measures at the end of this week will skirt the 5-6 millimeters.

feto 6 semanas 





If you're already aware that you are pregnant, you will want to ask for an hour with your gynecologist, if you don't have one, check with your mother or friend to recommend one that gives you confidence.
Talk to other moms who have their baby at the same time as you.

ecografia 6 semanas embarazo feto 6 semanas de embarazo

Ideas to enjoy your 6 weeks of pregnancy:

What is more likely is that you are not yet fully aware of what it means to have a baby in your belly, only notes some subtle changes in your body and in your mood. You still have more sleep and you feel tired despite not having more activities than usual.
We recommend you get together with your friends to play some board game that will entertain or make you laugh. So enjoy a good time with the people you love most. Another good option is to see a movie that you enjoy.

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