The Gestograma is a pregnancy calculator circular with dates, you may have seen in the consultation of your gynecologist and serves for the calculation of the pregnancy week to week and also your possible date of delivery.

You can also Download the App for Mobile:

Gestograma Android

What is the gestograma?

As already mentioned, is a tool generally used by the doctors to tell you how many weeks of pregnancy you have and what is your approximate date of delivery. However, the gestograma (also called disk-gestational) can be used to give you much more information about your baby and pregnancy. For example:

  • Average weight of baby according to their stage of gestation

  • Mean size of the baby according to their stage of gestation

  • BDP (diameter biparietal) of the baby according to their stage of gestation

  • Femur length of the baby

  • Weeks of pregnancy

  • Date of birth approximate

How does the pregnancy calculator?

(click on this link to go to the gestograma)

First of all, you have to be clear what was the Date of your Last Menstruation, because with that data, the gestograma be located in what month and what day can be your birth (taking into account the 40 weeks that are commonly). Also, you can always be aware about the stage of pregnancy you are in (the week and quarter), which will help you to know exactly the changes you are going through –and spent - during the weeks of pregnancy.

Have a pregnancy calculator to hand is quite useful as it will save you to be constantly asking your doctor on what week you are in. Moreover, we know that the wait between one and another birth control may become a bit tedious, you need to solve all of those doubts right away, so this small and simple pregnancy calculator can become one of your best friends during your pregnancy week by week.

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