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  • Mites are vermin
  • A war without barracks
  • The bedroom should be austere
  • A cozy atmosphere... and easy to clean
  • If in the household there is a child
  • Appliance therapy for allergy of the latest generation
The majority of the agents, antigens are in the home and make up the dust: pollens, animal hair, textile fibers, fungi... in addition to include a component allegiant: the house dust mite. We will teach you how to have a home allergy-proof.
The air purifiers used to remove the pollen, which is composed of granules microscopic plants. In addition, it is important to keep the windows closed.
With respect to the mites, you should remove any type of animal hair (cat, dog, hamster), because it favors the proliferation of these critters, even 2 or 3 months after that the animal is not.
As for the mold, especially if you are asthmatic, you should remove it completely.
Some recent studies have shown that there is a high number of sensiblenesses of cockroaches (about 40%). It has also been revealed, which depends on the socio-economic level of the family (more money, less cockroaches, since you would need to disinfect the environments manually).

Mites are vermin

These are small arachnids that are invisible to the naked eye (measuring 4 to 8 µm) harmless but highly allergens. They are a natural part of all of the homes and their presence can only be removed by cleaning thoroughly. Develop in places where there is natural light, in warm areas and with a humidity of 80%, Its period of maximum development is in the fall and their numbers are going down as you come in to work the heaters in the home, it dries the atmosphere. Unfortunately, this did not eliminate the larvae, which grow throughout the year.
In addition, the dryness of the environment facilitates the segmentation of the droppings of these available, which gives rise to a powder very small, that triggers allergic reactions such as eye and nose irritation, asthma, etc feed on the flakes of human and animal (taking into account that an adult gives off about 1.5 grams of scales or dead skin daily, you can feed up to 100,000 dust mites). His favorite place is the bed, especially the mattress, so that the symptoms occur during the night mainly. You can also find stuffed animals, rugs, blankets, in order to... any object textile.

A war without barracks

The solution lies in creating an environment completely hostile to mites. How? Eliminating the humidity in your home, cleaning thoroughly, preferably with a vacuum with filters that absorb elements of up to 2 microns, and removing their habitats favorite. The idea is to dry the atmosphere, but avoid air-conditioning because of dust build-up in your ducts.


  • Make cleanings intense and constant, vacuuming the furniture, sofas and mattress a couple of times a week. Apply matricides on the mattress every 3 months.
  • Avoids live in very humid areas. Reduces the humidity level to 60% so that the mites die. Install a dehumidifier to remove their droppings.
  • The bathroom and the kitchen must be ventilated so that it does not increase the humidity and encourage the appearance of molds.
  • If you live in an older home, you should clean with care. Experts believe that the mites with more than twenty years to retain their power and are more difficult to remove.
  • After a day of rain should be allowed to dry the clothes and the shoes completely.
  • Ventilate the room during a half-hour each day, allowing that air can circulate around all the rooms, especially in the bedroom.
  • The old items stored are an incubator for dust mites, need to be disinfected.

The bedroom should be austere

The idea is that you do not have stuffed animals or boxes or shelves. Don't forget that the mites prefer the natural fabrics to live, the tufts of wool and the pillows stuffed with feathers. To avoid the heads wrapped with fabric, you choose one of plain wood. It also uses covers allergy mattress and bedding store, once you've washed.

A cozy atmosphere... and easy to clean

In terms of decor, it is advisable to choose a flooring firm, type parquet, or linoleum. The furniture should be smooth and made of wood, that can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. The curtains should be washable and should avoid the blinds, as they accumulate dust. Stereo equipment and the television should be cleaned with a damp cloth. Avoid indoor plants that encourage the buildup of mold and mildew.

If in the household there is a child

Emphasize the stuffed animals. Better exchange them for washable toys. It is good to put them inside a plastic bag and leave them in the freezer for 4 hours before washing. If you have posters on the wall, should be cleaned daily. The same furniture. If they sleep 2 children in the same piece, you need to sleep in the bed above. Don't forget to wash the bedding regularly and at elevated temperatures.

Appliance therapy for allergy of the latest generation

90% of the allergy is to dust mites. There are some appliances and protectors that can help improve the home environment.

Air purifiers

Are small portable devices that can be installed in the place that you need. Filtered particles that are suspended in the air and is equipped with an active carbon filter and another of the special type, able to retain particles larger than 0.3 microns, it being possible to filter out the dust mites and pollen, in addition to absorb bad smells.


They are portable also. To avoid the increase of mold growth and reproduction of the mites. Maintain a degree of moisture-stable thanks to a hydrostatic.

Vacuum cleaners with a filter

Its size is similar to normal, but have a filter to absorb particles of more than 0.3 mm and retains (unlike vacuum cleaners that the returned to the environment). It is perfect to remove the dust mites and pollen.
Dust and pollen filters for the air conditioners and heating
They are made with mesh fabric, which makes it possible for the particles of the air are retained in its interior. Can be easily installed and replaced.

Filters for the car

Keep the air of the interior of the car clean of pollen and dust mites.


Kill mites and can be used in Mattresses and bed linen. Sold in foam or in a wet powder and you should vacuum after applying it to remove the droppings of the mites.

Covers allergy and anti-dust

Made with synthetic fabrics, prevent the mites from reproducing. Prevent the mites from reaching the mattress.
Content developed by pediatrician Peter Barreda.

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