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  • Hellp Syndrome
  • Eclampsia

Hellp Syndrome

This disorder is present from 5 to 10% of women with pre-eclampsia. In addition to the symptoms already mentioned, there are other as pain in the upper right area of the abdomen, nausea and constant vomiting, all of which tend to be attributed to a gastritis, cholecystitis, or hepatitis. At specific times, occurs the rupture of the capsule of the liver with the formation of a hematoma.


This is the alteration most serious cases of pregnancy-induced hypertension. Along with the symptoms of severe preeclampsia, there are also pictures of epileptic type, or entry into a coma.
It is presumed that these manifestations are the result of an encephalopathy caused by hypertension. The presence of eclampsia occurs in about 0.2% of pregnancies and causes premature termination at 0.1%. In both, the maternal mortality rate is 8% to 36% of these cases, and is manifested mainly in a death due to intracranial hemorrhage.

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