Niño- Kinesiterapia: tratamiento respiratorio

In this article you will find:

  • What is the physiotherapy respiratory?
  • What are the most common diseases that need physiotherapy?

During the time of winter, cold, temperature changes and moisture have a significant influence on the spread of respiratory illness, especially in young children.

The physiotherapy respiratory is one of the clinical procedures most frequently asked to respond to the disruption caused by pathologies bronchopulmonary; Juan Eduardo Keymer, massage therapist and specialist in physiotherapy respiratory shares information about the topic.

What is the physiotherapy respiratory?

It consists of a series of maneuvers to remove the secretions in the part that the air flows (air), with the aim of increasing the lung capacity of the child.

Between the breathing techniques more common are:

  • The compressions and vibrations of the chest.
  • Change of position to facilitate pulmonary ventilation.
  • Drainage of bronchial secretions.
  • Aspiration of secretions, (if and when needed).

What are the most common diseases that need physiotherapy?

Respiratory pathologies that require therapeutic exercise are bronchitis, bronchial asthma, cystic fibrosis among other respiratory conditions.

How long is the physiotherapy?

Depending on the pathology of the patient, the therapy can be applied usually between 3 to 15 times, with a duration of 20 minutes each.

In what period of the life of a child is more common with this therapy?

There is not a specific age for the child to begin to experience this type of therapies, in fact, children who have been protected by their parents never to go through this process.

Parents may attend with greater frequency to queries when the children start going to nursery or kindergarten, because it increases the permanence of children in closed-in places, therefore, maximizes the contact with peers that possibly they are sick.

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