To develop the perception of the ear, stimulated by certain sounds, can benefit from learning and communication, especially in infants and young children, as well as improvements in motor skills and balance problems.

The benefits of the music and sounds are more important than we can imagine, as well as the functions of the ear. The learning, development, balance, and motor skills, are some of the factors that can be stimulated through natural treatments based on the sounds.
The sound is a stimulus that accompanies us throughout our life since from 4 months and 1/2 of pregnancy, as we began to hear in the aquatic environment. The universe (cervix) has a great rich sound. Between the rhythmic sounds of breathing, heart rate and digestion, stresses the mother's voice that resonates through the spine and the pelvis.

One of the techniques that has been studied and applied to sound and music in the stimulation is the so-called Tomatis method. It is a music therapy based on listening to music compositions, filtered to certain high frequencies, next to the mother's voice as heard from the womb. That is to say, sounds that are relaxing and balancing.

By using this method is to avoid a relaxation of the muscles of the middle ear that some babies or children may develop unconsciously, for example to block rejection of certain sound stimuli.
Tomatis offers therapies non-invasive and no side effects that you attain excellent results in problems of stress, mental fatigue, depression, attention, concentration, motivation, anxiety, and communication difficulties, in addition to ailments such as autism, dysphasia, delay, global developmental and neurological damage.

The benefit of the music

This method offers the expectant mother the possibility of living a pregnancy with a positive attitude, relaxed and in harmony with themselves, with their environment and with the child that is in your belly. The program of auditory stimulation for expectant mothers is specially designed for them, has the purpose of putting the mother and her son in the same “wave” by means of sounds without memory or information load, are filtered sounds, free, similar to those that listen to the fetus.
Through this stimulus of sound, which acts as a vigorous shower acoustics, improving the energy of the mother, and increases your awareness, which allows you to overcome the stress of pregnancy.

After a few sessions, the heart rate and breathing to calm down, the uterine wall is relaxed by providing more space for the future baby, the mother puts in perspective their fears and subjective, to pursue a more personal relationship with his son, also relativize the problems linked to the pregnancy such as tiredness, distress, apprehension or mood swings.
When the baby is born, the tone of voice of the mother and classical music continue to be a good stimulus for small. When they begin to talk, it is good that you hum the songs or repeating the words that are spoken to them.

“Each baby has their own potential, and what we can do, the greatest is to open the most doors possible for it to expand and develop all the abilities more widely. Teach listening, it is certainly an important step, and what we must do across all media. The best thing for the little ones is that they encourage through music, play, language, touch, colors, in addition to a deal close, intimate, and directed in its physical growth, intellectual and emotional,”

There are scientific studies that have shown that Mozart music has an influence on the behavior of infants, providing them with higher intellectual and creative development, in the same way that the voice of the mother or the memory of the intrauterine life the calm.
Among the benefits of these sounds (for kids and adults) found an improvement in mood, increased resistance to fatigue, improvement in capacity of memory, concentration and creativity, a sense of calm that is both intellectual and physical.

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