Piel embarazo

The skin becomes more delicate, sensitive and requires special care during the pregnancy, so a good care routine is essential to keep your skin looking healthy and full of vitality. Pay attention to the care of the skin in pregnancy.

Expert: Carlos Perez, director of the Health Network UC

There are four basic principles that guide the care of the skin:

  • Good hydration throughout the skin of the body.
  • Sun protection, which must be high in order to protect especially the face.
  • Cream anti stretch marks since the third month.
  • Healthy and balanced diet, what you eat reflects on your skin.

If you have to live your pregnancy in the summer, you're at special risk of that will leave stains. These stains that usually appear in women who are more brown, they are brown with milk and many times quite large, are called Chloasma or Melasma and is caused by the interaction between radiation and hormones. It is for this reason that if you want to avoid that you leave stains, especially on the face, you must use a high sun protection throughout the body.

Dr. Pérez emphasizes that the light of the sun is essential for life and human health, but can also represent a danger. Exposure to it without taking precautions may cause burns, premature aging, and skin lesions benign and malignant. Within these are carcinomas and melanomas.

This is not the time to show off a perfect tan, but protect your health. Avoid sunbathing between 11:00 and 15:00, and put on sunscreen each time you give a bath, or sweat too much. As the skin is more sensitive to the radiation, in a short time take something of color. If you have left some stains it is not recommended to use creams and skin lightening or whitening until after you give birth.

At the global level, each year are diagnosed between two and three million skin cancers, of which more than 130 thousand correspond to malignant melanomas, the most aggressive form of this disease. All have increased in recent years as a result of increased solar exposure and the reduction of the ozone layer of the atmosphere.

Another problem that you can suffer your skin, is that with the increase of estrogen you appear warts. Fortunately these can disappear after delivery. In case you have moles that change color, shape, escamen, you bite or hurt you, consult immediately with a dermatologist.

In terms of your diet, it is necessary to be well hydrated, at least two liters of water a day. Water is needed not only to keep alive the cells, but in order for your body to function properly and to eliminate any toxins or waste from the body.

If it is summer take advantage of consuming foods rich in antioxidants and vitamin C present in kiwi, tomato, strawberry, pineapple, and citrus.

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