Bebé 2 meses y 2 semanas

You're in the middle of the second month of the baby. Now notes that your little one can become in a coordinated manner, he leaves behind those movements little fluid that was when I was just a newborn and how much you are concerned about.

From now on you will see how your baby is going to grow, because it is not a newborn, but a little person with more social skills and that will increase 1 kilogram every month. In Facemamá you recommend to give enough space for your child to be able to move freely.

State of alert

At this stage your period of wakefulness is more long, of 8 to 10 hours a day. You have more strength and can lift his head a few seconds by itself.

It is normal that he wakes up in the middle of the night, but could sleep all night or up to six hours. During the day it keeps you awake and entertained with what they see around them.

No longer a newborn, is a little person social that begins to develop their skills to get attention and affection.

Motor development

He focuses his gaze on objects at a distance of 17 to 20 inches and can learn to stretch our hand and grab things.

Since not all actions are reflex, but more voluntary. Try to keep head upright when sitting. If you are lying down kicking, moving heavily in his limbs.

During the second month, the baby discovers his hands, playing and seeing that they can join, interweave and separate. Holds the thumb against its lower side, and holds firmly that he puts in the floor of your hand.

Cognitive development

Laying down the first habits and complex behaviors. Reacts to objects with arousal and may show a preference for the right or left side.

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It also begins to identify the internal of the external. You can recognize and distinguish voices from other sounds, and is more sensitive to different tastes. Discriminates the proximity and size of objects.

Still don't understand the “before” and “after”.

Language development

Develops a particular language: the chirping or babbling. You can make sounds of some vowels and monosyllables.

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