Bebé 2 meses y 3 semanas

During the third week of this second month of the baby, you will discover that when you load your little one, this will lift up your head and keep it so for several seconds. Therefore do not be alarmed, this is because your body is already stiffening a little more, and therefore you can perform this type of activities.

We know that this is one of the things that surprises the parents, arrival at this stage of the second month of the baby, since your child is growing quickly and you will also see that to be upside down, push with the feet and soon you will be able to move.

From Facemamá you say that you can encourage them to continue to do so, as so what you will help with these movements to strengthen your limbs and tone your muscles.

Signs of progress

Although it has not developed all his skills, the baby will be learning little by little.

It is very important for you to read, as it helps to develop the ear, as well as stimulates the pace of the language. You can vary the pitch of your voice using accents and singing; you'll see how to enjoy these moments. Prefer the cardboard books with large illustrations in vivid colors, little text only or drawings.

On the other hand, you will discover that the baby has preferences in their sleeping positions. In addition, their senses are better coordinated; for example, look carefully in the direction of a sound that captures your attention, or it sucks to see your nipple. In this stage cry a lot less time each day.

Visual development

Already you can form an accurate picture of the objects and follow them if they are in motion. Fixed the gaze and maintaining eye contact. Likes circular objects, and to see what is to 50 centimeters of distance. Observes three-dimensional objects in colors, but they do not react to them.

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At the end of the second month, you can follow you with their eyes when you pass between him and a light.

Auditory development

Searching for the origin of the sounds he hears, and moves in different directions trying to locate them. It shakes quite to loud sounds. If you hear noises, stop crying. Recognizes faces and voices and, by their reactions, shows that like most people, not objects.


At this point the baby has a more profound relationship with their environment. Likes to take, what pet and what to feed, because he feels protected. The closeness of an adult to calm him down if you are agitated and smiles to the stimuli of other people, especially of the mom. When palpating a human face is excited, showing that she feels comfortable.

Watch people in the form alert and direct, responding to the activity that occurs on your side. It keeps you awake for a long time if there are people who will pay attention to.

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