bebé de 1 mes y 2 semanas

The first month of the baby has reached the half. Perhaps at this point your child may seem to be shrunk. !Don't worry,

During this period, your little one does not have legs and arms fully extended, but this will happen only for a time.

This is because until very recently he was curled up inside your uterus. You might even believe that the legs are twisted, but don't worry, it will stretch gradually until it completely when he turns 6 months.

As a council in Facemamá will say that while it manages to adapt to life outside the belly, you can wrap it well very tight in a blanket lightweight.

Newborns have very poor vision, even a certain degree of myopia. And although the view of your baby is still a little blurry, you can see things best when they are at a distance of 50 to 60 centimeters, so that you can see your face clearly when you are close to.

On the other hand, you still don't pay attention to what happens around you for a long time. You will get used to being in the world gradually, so you need constant stimulation. You can hang a simple object with a colour drawing over his crib for him to look at.

The reflexes of sucking, grasping, looking for your nipple and flashing remain the main. Sometimes she'll look at you in the eyes, but will not be able to keep your gaze fixed for a long time.

If your baby is crying or is very fussy for more than three hours per day or more than three days per week likely have colic. The 20% of infants develop colic between two and four weeks of life. Not only the crying is a symptom, also the fact that you seem to feel very uncomfortable each time.

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If your baby suffers from colic, you'll have a few weeks, very annoying, but do not worry because at the end of these, the colic will pass.

Perhaps to this height, your child can lift head briefly and perhaps move it from side to side when lying face down. Then control your nervous system and your muscles, and also your movements will be more fine.

You will probably start to develop some patterns for sleeping and eating. Although not yet what you will know with accuracy, and still be unpredictable for about a month approximately.

It hangs over her crib, a mobile of colors or very contrasting and you can also show you books that are illustrated with thick lines, because he likes the lines and shapes very marked.

Little by little, your baby is leaving the jerky movements typical of a newborn, now sets his sight on yours, you probably lift the head when it is face up and follow your hand with your gaze when you move from one side to the other on his head.

Within the general behavior of the first few weeks, the most common are drowsiness and irritability, low mobility, tenderness, and the smile as a reflex, in this way, the obvious behaviour of the baby at this moment is one of total dependence and the tendency to sleep.

Stays awake an average of eight minutes per hour during the day. The following month, the periods of wakefulness are lengthening.

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