bebé un mes y 3 semamas

Your baby will make rapid progress and at this stage in the first month it can recognize you clearly, as well as his dad.

How to communicate the baby

Arrive the third week of the first month, your little one may be expressed by babbling, little noises with the mouth, and sounds.

From Facemamá we recommend that you respond to these sounds emitting sounds similar and conversing with him, in this way you will help with the development of their language and, at the same time, tranquilizas.

Even if you're not in the same room, you can talk to him and he will feel happy to listen your voice from far away.

When you speak, you'll capture his attention; perhaps to stop thumb sucking or feeding to listen.

Another way to stimulate it is to describe what you're doing as you do it. You can also include it in the conversation if you're with other people, leaving him to listen to what is happening around you. As you will see makes little noises in response to these stimuli.

You may even show a preference for you, your dad or another family member or friend, which shows that it is more responsive to your environment.

At this stage her smile is more defined and expressed happiness because it is not only a reflection of that. Stimulates your smile through hugs, tickling, or games.

Reactions of the baby

When there are noises unexpected –as the bell–, it will react in some way, either with fear, crying, or surprise. In addition, we love the music, the song or cooing to sing to him, or musicals for children in the TV.

He is not so cramped and can stay a little more upright if I stand up. When lying down you may raise your head and your chest intermittently, as if you were making small push-ups. Then you can take a full turn from the belly to the back and vice versa.

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At this time, the baby is able to focus his two eyes on an object and you like the designs, colors, and more elaborate forms. Is able to follow the movement of these objects with the eyes. You can also put your face next to his and gently move your head from side to side. That you will love.

On the other hand, the baby needs to feel comfortable and you feel uncomfortable with ease. You will notice that what manifests before eating. He may cry before, during and after a breastfeed, or when you need a diaper change. By now the crying is still your best mode of expression.

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