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If you've just achieve to take the diaper to your child, the more likely it is that issues a relapse. Here we give you tips to prevent re-use diaper.

At this point you can wait for the child to go to the bathroom, or use the potty when you have to make your needs. It can also happen that he will tell you or someone of the family wants to go to the bathroom. But before singing final victory, there are some things that must be done to ensure that the baby does not re-use the diaper.

For the following months, do not re-use diaper

Now comes a period of at least three months in which your child will have to walk nude from the waist down when you're in the house and you can use diapers at naptime or at night if necessary. And if you are away from home, the child should wear loose-fitting trousers without anything underneath, even if you have to go to the kindergarten.

So far we have said that we do not recommend the underwear of training, because as the experts think, when the child wearing them it seems to be using diapers. In addition to that if you use it before these three months, the risk begins to be peed again in them.

Once completed these three months, your child will not need to walk naked through the house and you can start to use underwear.

how and when we leave the house?

As to the instructions for when you leave home, always bring a potty, portable and look good where to find the bathrooms in the place where you are going. You can use the public baths, which are especially designed for children, or put a reducer or adapter in the toilet bowl, so that the child is comfortable and does not give you the feeling of falling into the cup.

In case you do not have a reducer, you can help your child to maintain the balance. Remember to wash your hands well and your son also.

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