10 meses y 2 semanas

Highlights in this month the ability of expression of your little one. You will see how you try to communicate with their loved ones.

Language development

In the 10th month the verbal skills of the baby are increased. Of course, not all children happens at the same pace, others may take a little bit in their language development and focus more on motor development.
The child may be able to pronounce syllables with guttural sounds later on, such as the k, for example “ke”. Mixed vocalizations with sounds of the game, making gorgoritos or air bubbles. Scream and balbuceará, so try different tones of voice. When something falls, it will say “pum”, and may appoint 2 or 3 animal by its sound: “woof“, “meow“, etc. Also, try to imitate sounds that others make.

At this stage, you will understand that the word “no” is final.

Due to the development of their language skills, which will occupy a lot of time trying to communicate with you, issuing new sounds and joining syllables or words.
You must listen to it with a lot of dedication when you talk and respond to it. In this way, you teach him to talk, that is to say, to understand that 2 people can communicate and that what one says triggers a reaction in the other. If your baby is not as communicative as, do not be alarmed, there are children who express more with a non-verbal language, pointing to objects, for example.

Visual development

He has developed the sense of perspective is what allows you to distinguish between “big” and “little boy” if something is “near or far”. Difference of the objects individually within a global scene. From the tenth month, the visual activity “silent” will take on a key role up to the age of 3 years, so that will be 20% of the time simply by observing what is around them.
He loves to look at things that move and constructions. Their eyes exhibit enough convergence.

Motor development

Fascinated by objects of smaller size. Maybe they're long periods trying to take them with their tiny fingers and watching every detail of them.
As you can stand and sit alone, and is able to give you some steps if you take it out of the hands. Again, we propose that if your baby doesn't get to just yet, do not push him, some do newly a year.


Being with other children, your child will be able to express what you want, but don't play with them yet. You may have a toy or blanket regalona it to use as an object of attachment for when you are sad or feel alone.

Feelings new mom

The growing independence of your little one can create mixed feelings; on the one hand, you'll be proud and happy for him, knowing that it is not so much dependent on it as before. On the other hand, you might feel nostalgic when you realize that those moments that only you have been in existence for him to have gone.
You do not see this as a loss, but as a positive growth that allows you to have with him a relationship of higher quality. Your role from this moment is more complex, because there are other needs that you have to satisfy. You must be flexible and adapt to the new demands of the baby, especially because it is a little changing and there will be days in which you will not want that you take off of it and others I don't want that help.
Another concern of the mothers in this time is that to some it has cost them to lose these kilos of more, or even have gained weight. If you don't have the circumstances to go to the gym, you can make it more difficult.
A method that has had much of an effect is to do physical exercise next to the baby. If you have a baby carrier, or a backpack for the baby to put it on your back, you can go out with him to walk for a few hours in a park or place nearby to your house a couple of times a week. You soon you will see how to burn calories!

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