bebé de 11 meses y 2 semanas

In this article you will find:

  • Socio-affective
  • Language development
  • Motor development
  • Breastfeeding, stimulation and relaxation

You already have a baby of 11 months and 2 weeks it will Soon be a year! At this stage you have to list the camera or the camcorder, as there are so many moments to immortalize: from the first steps of your little one until the first time you eat all by himself with the spoon (although throw away half of it).


The baby imitates some of your moves or the games of other children. If it is quite a collaborator, sometimes it will be disclosed.

If you see that someone does something wrong, I want to point out. The baby needs the approval of others and will dislike the disapproval. For this reason, if cheer is something that will do, will do.

It is very dependent on the mom. Express much of their emotions, for example, shows its attachment by grabbing your clothes, pressing against you, abrazándote and kissing you.

Understand that other people feel pain just like him and demonstrate their understanding for others by crying. It is affectionate with its toys, animals and other babies. We are pleased to be in contact with other adults or with children older than him and pay attention.

Language development

Is able to understand what is said, as well as the mandates simple. If you ask for a kiss, will give it to you; or if you say “chao” to your hand to say goodbye, will.

You probably already say “mom” or “dad”, and try to say whole sentences with the intonation appropriate (although it seems that it is another language). A way to stimulate it is by including them in the conversations and “responding” to their sentences. You must tell how you call things and people, for you to increase your vocabulary. Try with simple sentences in the form of questions and answers: “Where are the eyes?”, and then you show your where they are.

Motor development

Your child will develop the psychomotor thick at high speed, associated to the big muscles such as walking or moving the limbs. While the psycho-motor skills fine, related to more specific skills, and coordinating various muscles and members (such as the coordination hand/eye or fact of grasping an object with the fingers), will be less covered.

Your baby will love to throw things on the floor or pushing objects, so you have to be careful with what you let out there. In addition, we call attention to the things outside; all due to their new capabilities.

Breastfeeding, stimulation and relaxation

Some moms decide to stop breastfeeding at 1 year of age. If you luxuriate in it and you see that the baby is ready, you can consider it. You should not do it because other women do it, but it must be a gradual process that takes into account their needs. Start decreasing the time you give your baby during the day and instead give her a bottle or a cup.

On the other hand, some research indicates that the development of the intellectual and linguistic skills depend largely on the constant stimulation. Read to the baby before going to bed; the sooner, the better.

Finally, everything that involves taking care of the baby and your job can make you exhausted. One way to cope is to have at least 1 hour to it in absolute silence. Speaking with the baby's father or with your family or friends to help with the baby for that period of time.

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