bebé de 12 meses y 3 semanas

In this article you will find:

  • Development socio-emotional baby of 12 months and 3 weeks
  • More than babbling
  • Big dangers for small fingers

Your baby 12 months and 3 weeks left to babble and make sounds garbled because it has already learned to utter their first words is very exciting.

Socio-affective baby of 12 months and 3 weeks

In this month the child expresses several emotions and recognize them among others. It offers affection and begins to have preferences in their toys and on his clothes.

He shows great interest in what adults do and may demand more help than necessary, as this makes it easier to do things.

Although it is about without suspicion to familiar people, will fear strangers and unfamiliar places. Will react strongly to separation from the mother; you need to be close to her in strange places. In the moment in which you feel comfortable and secure, walks away willingly from you.

Already responds when called by his name, denies with the head, says good-bye with the hand. Stop to take objects to the mouth. Begins trying to control his bladder and bowels. May be dry up after a nap, even when it begins to resist dormirla.

More than babbling

Of course, this does not happen fast, each child does it at their own pace, but you can be sure that your little one understands far more of what he is capable of saying.

Even though he doesn't talk much, can communicate very well through gestures and signs, raising the arms to ask you to take in arms or pointing with his finger to ask, “what is that?”. Children who learn sign language as babies are especially communicative.

A single word can have several meanings. For example, “aua” could mean “I Want more milk” or “I Want water” or “Look, I dropped the bottle!”. If you look at the intonation you will notice that he uses the same word in different ways and accompanied by different gestures.

There are also the words associated with your daily routine. It is not surprising that the first may be “mom”, “dad”, and other people or favorite pets; or that have to do with their power (“pope”, for his porridge), dream (“mimi”), toys (“ato”, for the car) or things that you want (“ma”, for more).

Big dangers for small fingers

You'll have to look at what it takes, now that your little boy can grasp with ease the small things between the thumb and index finger. Practice your skills making you collect objects you find on the ground, which are closer to their eyes than yours, so that you can see them much more easily.

Be careful with the small things because they are potentially dangerous because they may fall to the ground without us noticing, such as: vitamins and other pills, foods for pets, small parts of toys and other things that could end up in your baby's mouth.

Skills expected of a baby of 12 months and 3 weeks

  • Interacting with other children
  • Walk with support
  • To grasp objects using the thumb
  • Imitate actions in front of models
  • Verbalize syllables
  • Participate in activities
  • Use the pincer movement
  • Search for objects hidden from view
  • Issue words
  • Explore your environment
  • Exercise actions tested

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