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In this article you will find:

  • Motor development
  • Language development
  • Visual development
  • Development touch
  • Emotional changes in the mother
  • Tactics for the baby to eat

In this week the big news is the appearance of the teeth. The teeth of the baby probably started to come out between 4° and the 7° month; first teeth appear in the middle, then the lower and finally the upper.

It is very common that the incisors are separated from each other. Subsequently, with the appearance of the other teeth will settle. To meet the 3 years, the small has 20 milk teeth well accommodated.

The appear of the teeth, it also appears the inflammation of the gums, and can increase the salivation, as well as begin to emit strange sounds. The baby will soon get used to your new denture.

Motor development

Starting this month, the small will present great mobility; both their motor skills as intellectuals have been developed much, so you will be able to carry out simple tasks that will expand their vision of the world around him.

Language development

There are frequent squabbles, and already acquire intonation. He is able to repeat familiar sounds and imitate noises of objects.

In this month you will begin to vocalize diphthongs (“ei”, “ea”) and will continue to increase its monosyllables (“ma-ma” and “pa-pa”), but without knowing the meaning of those words. Will begin to pronounce other consonants: the “b” and “d”.

Visual development

In the 7 month and a half, the child's visual acuity is virtually equal to that of an adult.

Auditory development

The child can locate the source of a noise. He loves to play with objects that produce sounds, such as bells, music boxes and bells.

Development touch

The baby to explore toys with their hands and mouth; the feel, the taste, and throws them away. It also investigates his body with mouth and hands.

Emotional changes in the mother

The very idea of separating yourself from your baby can generate distress, but in reality, it is very beneficial to generate a certain degree of independence between him and you.

The short separations allow the child to sociabilice with other people and that interaction allows you to develop skills in your personality. In fact, to be with more people to avoid that it becomes a child who is shy or fearful of the unknown.

We're not talking about a long separation, but brief, for the baby to see if you're not other people can help you. For example, you can go to buy, or even watch a movie with your partner.

Start to leave him with other people will help you to feel more relieved, you'll see that the baby does not suffer and that you can help develop their autonomy.

Tactics for the baby to eat

In this month, the baby can get a little finicky and not wanting to eat at all. Or you may not want to sit in your chair to eat.

It is important that you as parents create strategies for the child to eat. For example, to entertain and distract a bit the child while they are in front of his plate of food.

Singing can be effective. Sing the song “little hands” and make the process of eating is fun: with one hand, making gestures, and with the other you insert the food into the mouth.

The child will begin to move their paws and will soon be over eating without realising it.

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