8 meses y 2 semanas

In this article you will find:

  • Motor development
  • Visual development
  • Socio-affective
  • Development taste
  • Help for mom

You will see that your baby starts to move by all parties and, therefore, you have to take the precautions that may be required for your home to be a safe place for the little.

The child's personality is defined more and more each day, having very clear what you like and what not, whether its toys or food that you give.

It feels very safe to your side, or with your immediate family, and does not like to be with strangers for a long time. In these months, the anxiety toward strangers may decrease or increase, depending on the time of day. For example, waking up may increase anxiety, but if the stranger approaches slowly and the mom is there to calm him down, soon your confidence will grow and accept it.

We really like to see how to open and close the doors, which is a new danger that you must keep in mind (so as not to go to squeeze those little fingers). At this stage begin bumps or marks of blows.

Motor development

Begins to grasp things with their thumb and index finger: bread crumbs and objects baby. It leads to mouth things to explore, then look at them at a distance that allows you to view them without difficulty.

Gross motor skills has been developed and begins to move in adopting forms of crawling. You may even begin to prepare yourself to walk, holding onto something to give steps.

Visual development

Their vision is more developed: you can point to an object and your eyes follow what you present. You'll also discover new details in your piece.


Learn how to say good-bye with the hand; to clap and wants to answer the phone. I am fascinated by the phones!

Language development

Repeats syllables together, with a better intonation to indicate emphasis and to express their emotions. Articulated syllables and words by imitation, as “mom”, “dad” and “baby”. When you see someone well-known, emits little noises.

Development taste

Introduced to its mouth everything it can reach and savor.

Help for mom

If you are a new mom, you're probably tired or overwhelmed. It is very important that as parents depart time to be alone, so that they relax and their relationship is strengthened, without that the communication between you suffer.

Be in continuous movement will help you to have more energy. So take advantage of going out with your baby for a walk or follow a routine of aerobic exercises at home. Dancing with the child, you'll see how to enjoy the music and narrow the link that binds them together.

If the crying of your toddler, you anxiety, try relaxing with your partner. To calm your baby you can take it in her arms and hug him gently.

If you like the music, put it to relax together and uses those favorite songs to practice some steps with the baby. Both tranquilizarán.

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