8 meses y 3 semanas

In this article you will find:

  • Socio-affective
  • What to do if you are part of the heart to see a crying baby in your absence
  • Songs for brushing teeth

In this period, the baby continues to explore the objects found, grab them with force and shakes; hits the floor; the chews or sucks; and it also makes them fly through the air.

Begins to have awareness of your interaction with things. To promote its development, a good idea is to enclose a play area in the home that has many toys and books for children, where you have full freedom of throw, spin, shake, open and destroy!

You'll also begin to associate the objects serve for something in specific, such as, for example, that a telephone serves to call. Although the baby does not have the strength yet to take a phone, you can help it and sustain it while talking to someone imaginary. That you will love.

In terms of their sleeping habits, the small will still sleeping 2 naps each day, but so much activity during the day can make sleep less or even wake up at night. If this happens, do not get up, it's best that you talk calmly back to sleep.


The child plays with other people and yells when he wants attention. Understand when you pronounce his name. Is learning to “manipulate” their parents to get something.

Performs movements with the jaw and makes a gesture with his mouth. If something is not pleasing, away from himself with force. She smiles, kicks and tries to kiss the image in a mirror.

You do not feel comfortable in the presence of strangers, and is more selective to the people. Changes in the state of mind that can be surprised by its suddenness.

Another normal behavior in this month is for the child to cry when you're not. May show some signs of anxiety when you go and leave with someone else. But you don't have to worry about, because it is a stage of development that all children go, in the that are increasingly gaining independence and autonomy gradually.

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What to do if you are part of the heart to see a crying baby in your absence

These recommendations can provide you with the time of farewells and separations:

  • If you're going out, say bye bye to him with so much love but with firmness. You must not make a long farewell, but rather brief. And not show you any distress, or sadness, because that leaves you more disappointed.
  • If you've already gone, don't return to see how your baby is doing. He must understand that if you lettest him is because you'll be away for a while, so don't mess it up.
  • If you are left very sad to leave him crying, make phone calls to anyone who has stayed with it when you get to your destination. Probably already been distracted and is more quiet playing.
  • To return home, salúdalo with a lot of emotion. Worry about spend time alone so that he knows that you will always be there for him.

In addition, it is important that you observe how it reacts to your little one when you get away from him, for in that way help you with your specific needs. Ask yourself:

  • When I'm going to leave the baby to the nursery, what cries same or less than when it is the dad?
  • If he cries less, wouldn't it be better to always take it?
  • If I leave him at home with the nanny, how I sad when I arrive? You may need to change the nanny or the place where you leave it.

Songs for brushing teeth

As many children do not like the routine of brushing teeth, some parents have invented some games to make it more attractive for them.

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One idea is to create a song related to dental hygiene. And, if you're not so creative, you can use one that already exists, or to adapt a familiar song. Sing the song when you brush their teeth and then when you wash the teeth to him. You will see how it will change your attitude to this daily habit.

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