9 meses y 2 semanas

In this article you will find:

  • Language development
  • Auditory development
  • Development touch
  • Socio-affective
  • Time for baby, time for mom
  • Bath time

Your baby is taking small steps in the great feat of walking alone. Their motor skills have developed more and more and it is more likely that already stand without help.

However, remember that not all little boys or little girls are advancing in the same way, so that in this month some babies are content to crawl or creep along the ground.

Another type of capacity which at this stage stands out is the language. The little one is more engrossed in the task of listening to those who are at his side and begins to play sounds that it has heard.

Will be able to understand some simple words and phrases, so it is vital that your encouragement when, conversing with him just as you do with an adult, no expressions or tones of the “language of babies”.

Their personality traits begin to be identified and will anticipate their future attitudes: whether it will be a child who is shy or extroverted.

In this month you can learn how to climb stairs but not down them. This new skill requires that you put a lot of eye to the places which could be dangerous to him or where he could clamber up and fall off.

On the other hand, the baby is more independent, although you need to feel that their parents are close to him. In this month, the arrival of the father of the house is a much-awaited moment. The father becomes a playmate and the small it is hard to see this friend as an authority figure, which also gives you orders.

Language development

Says new syllables such as “ta”, “pa”, “ma”, “ba”, and can pronounce some words imitating others.

Auditory development

Pay more attention to other people's conversations and songs.

Development touch

Loves to explore objects that are open, such as boxes, crates, furniture, or toys with a lid. Feel the interior with his little hands.


The baby needs to feel that his close circle approves and wants, so that makes multiple “shows” for the others to clap. When that happens, you feel happy again.

Want to include others in their games, but defending what is theirs. For example, choose the toy you like best and don't share.

It is especially sensitive to the moods of others. You can react to their emotions; if he sees another child cry, he cries.

More intentional copy some movements such as the palmoteos, shaking of the head, coughs, sticking out the tongue, the swoosh, etc

Can eat by himself biscuits and bread; he takes his bottle and learn to drink liquids in a cup.

Time for baby, time for mom

To care for a baby all day can make you neglect your needs. Therefore, it is important that you seek a time for you alone, where you can relax, even if it is only 1 hour each week. Appointment to a friend for a chat while taking a coffee, go for a window shopping or read a book, but leaving the baby with another person so that you can rest for a moment and you manage to despejarte.

On the other hand, one of the issues of concern to mothers in this age is overweight. Perhaps you are consisting to lose weight and also feel more hungry than before.

A good tip is to remove from your home the snacks are unhealthy and stop lists on your refrigerator some healthy options such as fruit chunks, sticks of carrot, celery or cucumber and low-fat yogurt and sugar-free.

Bath time

Perhaps you realize that the baby of 9 months it no longer fits in the plastic tub! But the problem is that it is too small to bathe in your tub. One solution is to use one of those baskets of plastic to carry clothes and put it inside the tub. So, the baby can intrucirse in it and there is no danger of that dip.

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