9 meses y 3 semanas

It will certainly be thrilled to observe your little one unfolding in the world around them and socializing more and more every day.

At the end of the 9th month, your memory starts to develop and the baby is able to remember a greater amount of information, as well as many details. For example, remember where you keep some things in the house and can imitate gestures that you have seen it on someone several days ago.

Still your memory is medium-term, that is to say, you remember some parts of it lived for a short period of time. Can't remember everything that has done or seen, since the long-term memory develops between 2 and 3 years and strengthened with the learning of speech. At that time, the child will have a full consciousness of its existence.

In these days you may notice that the child shows fears that were not there before, as the juguera, the vacuum cleaner, or some other appliance of loud noise. You can help you overcome the fear of bringing it to those objects so that you can understand and see that there is nothing to fear.

On the other hand, this age is marked by the appearance of bumps, because the kids can bump on the head after falling to the floor or against the walls. These movements are often like that of a rocking chair, back and forth, and it is not clear why they happen, but disappear in the next few months. Some experts point out that the brain waves at this time are normal, and there are no signs of fractures or damage. But it is always good to mention these behaviors to the pediatrician to determine what to do.

New challenges for dads

No home is the same nor has the same rules of parenting, so no doubt you'll see that your nearby, even other members of your family or your own parents, they do things that you wouldn't do with your children. It is best not to comment or get in to what others are doing, since no child is alike either.

If you have a result certain technique, does not necessarily mean that your friend will serve, or vice versa. Put yourself in the place of others, recognizing that no one likes to criticize their way of doing things, especially raising children. The same can happen the other way round; may be you have to exercise a lot of patience to not respond badly to many tips or comments well-meaning, but not to place. In reality, for a same problem can have different solutions.

However, there are certain situations in which to intervene. Especially if what others are doing –or the children of others– affect you in any way to your children or your family. A child may bite or hit your child, and obviously in that case you have to talk with the mom. Do it with tact and firmness, but making clear what are your concerns and goals to converse. The idea is that the friendship remains as it was before, but without putting at risk the small.

If it happens that your friend does not change of attitude or does not prevent your son to disturb you, you will have to take measures, such as, for example, to limit visits to your house or stop inviting her so much.

Among the new capabilities of the baby at the end of the 9 months are:

  • Respond socially in different ways
  • Sit without support
  • Grasp objects with the hand
  • Repeat phonemes and various combined
  • Run actions with intentionality
  • Manifest expressions of affection
  • Begin to take small steps if he holds
  • Stand up with help
  • Take objects with the pincer movement
  • Interact in simple games
  • Seek out a thing that has been hidden from view
  • Respond to simple directions
  • Arriving at a goal through different ways, understanding the cause-effect relationship
  • Imitate and vary actions with parts of the body and the voice
  • Play with objects that enter and out of a box; picking up things that have been thrown away; waving, and throwing objects; and investigating their actions upon discovering a thing
  • Crawl forward and backward
  • Walk while
  • To understand his name and simple commands
  • Pronounce some words
  • Eat some solid foods, such as slices of fruit, cooked with cinnamon. The baby likes a lot because they are soft to eat with his few teeth.

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